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Race To The Finish, Part I

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The beginning of the end, my friends

Esquire cab. Prepare for the best shout-out ever. "This guy's killin' us," Rob complains. "What is it about us and cab drivers?" Shout-out! Untipped Cabbie! Transportation Curse!

Danza gets in their cab.

At the airport, Rob is dickering over what he's going to pay the cabbie.

Danza cab. Margarita wonders why he has to question everything she says. Frank explains that if he'd done everything the way she said, without ever questioning her, they'd have lost a long time ago. I understand the sense in which this is an okay comment -- if both team members don't participate in decision-making, you don't do so well -- but on the other hand, I also know why she doesn't like it. Frank often has a serious superiority complex, and there's obviously an issue between them about whether he does all the work, or thinks that he does, so I don't think I'd like this coming from him either.

Esquire, still hating their cab driver. Rob finally turns over what's being demanded, it appears. "Take it and get out of my sight," he says. Eek. That's not very nice. On the other hand, I don't think it qualifies as an Ugly American moment, because he's not mad at the guy for not speaking English or not being able to give directions. It appears that he's mad at the guy for trying to rip him off, and that can happen in any country. They never show enough in these situations for us to be able to tell whether there's any reason to be pissed off or not, but it looks like your basic consumer dispute. Still, though, kinda nasty, especially for these guys, who don't tend to snap at people too much. They're getting tired and intense, I think.

In the Danza cab, Margarita points out that this would be a good time for them to "give [their] all," and that that includes working together in a way that's a little less dysfunctional than what they've been doing so far today. Frank nods like he's not listening.

Ticket window. Brennan is trying to book the plane tickets (this seems to be one of the things that is assigned to his half of the brain). The ticket agent tells him that they should transfer. They emphasize that they can do whatever works, as long as it happens as soon as possible.

Danza cab. Margarita has seen something about a flight to Los Angeles which she thinks might be promising. She explains it to Frank while he reads and doesn't listen to anything she's saying.

The lovely ticket agent tells Esquire that they'll go from Beijing to San Francisco, then San Francisco to Seattle, then Seattle to Anchorage. She also tells them that from Beijing to San Francisco, there are no economy seats -- only business class. Unfortunately, paying the price of business class ain't in the cards for the contestants (can you imagine how much all this very-last-minute international travel costs anyway?), so they have to do some more work. They tell her they can't fly business class, only economy. But here's what they suggest: bump other people who paid for economy into business so that Esquire can sit in economy. Now what kind of sense does that make? If they think the airline is going to "bump" other people and give them business for the price of economy, why not just ask for it for themselves? Just say, "Can you give us business for the price of economy?" See what I mean? Anyway, they continue to press this theory. I think they must be tired, because this makes no sense.

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