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Race To The Finish, Part I

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The beginning of the end, my friends

Esquire, meanwhile, is still looking for the kites, while wondering what exactly it is they're supposed to do when they're successful. "What, are we supposed to catch the kite guy and tackle him?" Rob wonders. Heh. Now that would be action! Esquire Takes Out An Old Guy With A Blow To The Bread Basket. Film at eleven. They see some kite-flyers, but the Rob half of the brain notices that they're not where they need to be on the park map, and the Brennan half of the brain notices that there should be three kites and there are only two where they are, and then some red lights flash while computations are made, and the brain decides to move along. They look for signs, but of course, the signs are in Chinese, which isn't so helpful. Well, it's helpful -- just not to Esquire.

Can I just take a moment to note that the team that looked like pretty, empty-headed nitwits in the first couple of episodes is now taking the robot-brain jokes? Wacky. Gotta love that van Munsterian character development.

Frank explains to his cabbie that they need to find the 919 bus.

Esquire runs -- in perfect unison, I'm not kidding -- toward the kites. They get the clue and head back in the direction of their cab. Meanwhile, Danza boards the public bus. When Esquire gets to their cabbie, guess what happens? A problem! Their cabbie doesn't want to take them to the bus, he wants to take them all the way to the pass. "We have to take the bus," they insist.

Esquire getting to the bus; Danza getting off the bus at the Wall. Frank and Margarita are trying to figure out where the "lower level entrance" at the pass actually is, because where they've wound up is just sort of along a road. Esquire gets on the bus. Frank, trying to find the "lower level." Danza hops over a fence trying to get where they need to be. On the bus, Esquire surmises that Danza is either "on [their] tail" or "out ahead of [them] by no more than, what, ten or fifteen minutes." Danza, rapidly allowing its small lead to be eaten while it hunts the yellow flag, gets to an entrance and finds it locked, and hops another fence. This strikes me as a very bad idea. I can't imagine them really thinking that that's what they're supposed to do -- jump over a locked entrance gate. They haven't had to do anything like that yet. Does it really seem likely that their task would involve breaking in at the Great Wall? Esquire is off the bus. Danza continues to wander, looking for the flag. "This doesn't make sense," Frank says in frustration. That much, I agree with. Esquire asks for directions. Danza keeps looking.

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