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Race To The Finish, Part I

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The beginning of the end, my friends

Loud Pushy Frank, meanwhile, is extremely wobbly on his feet. I think the ice climb was tough. Esquire takes off in their SUC toward the mile marker, and then Danza does as well. Cab shots. Esquire gets to the snowmobiles first. Now, see, when I first saw this coming, I thought Esquire would have the advantage, because if they had to drive the snowmobiles, then the boy you want with you is a boy from snow country. But I guess making people spontaneously figure out how to drive a snowmobile was a little too hard on the insurance premiums, because it turns out they're just riding on a dragging thing tied to the back of the snowmobile, exactly like a taxi. What a rip-off. Esquire takes off, and we get lovely shots of them winging their way over the snow. Danza takes off, and Frank says -- I kid you not -- "Let's rock." Is this a conspiracy?

Snowmobile ride.

Esquire pulls up to the pit stop. They hop out and go to the…what, is it a mat? It's in the snow, so…maybe it's a snowmat or something. (Yes, I made that word up. Snowmat. You know why? Because making up words is certainly allowed in a world where Survivor can decide that bandannas are called "buffs.") The greeters at this stop are adorable, especially in their big winter coats. They tell the boys they're first, and to take a rest in the lodge for twelve hours. The boys high-five (they cross-five, actually), and say, "One more!" One more leg, that is, for those of you who completely aren't paying attention. "You smell that, dude? That's victory, one leg away," Rob says. Yep. That's a fact.

Danza, pulling up. Welcome, Team Danza, you are team number two. Go to the cabin, we'll see you in twelve hours. Frank wears a huge grin.

Now, my favorite moment of the week. Esquire, watching Danza arrive. Intense stares. Rob in knit hat, Brennan with the sunglasses perched on his head. Rob, turning around to Brennan: "It's gonna be a good race, man. It's gonna be a real good race." Now, I think they cornered him and made him say that, but it's very effective. (And check the smile on his roomie. Rrrrooowwwr.)

Anchorage. You know, I actually was thinking that the next thing I was going to have to write was the "next week" segment? Ha! I forgot all about Team Guido. They're in Anchorage. Joe voices over, as they find their way to their SUC, that they're going to "kick and scream and fight" to get back in it. Yep. Better get started, because you're still a day behind. In their cab, they get to the usual task of discussing their extreme state of readiness and their relevant previous experience. Bill: "This'll be snow country. We're used to cold weather, we love cold weather." He doesn't say they lived in Antarctica for two years, but you know he wants to. They hop out at the B&B and grab the clue. They read it, and as they enter the cabin, Joe voices over, "We're still very confident to win the show, and it'll be real dramatic to have a team come from way behind and pull ahead in a squeaker, and that's what I predict is gonna happen."

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