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Race To The Finish, Part I

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The beginning of the end, my friends

Danza sees the driveway into the park they want to go to, but it says it's closed. They drive off. Esquire pulls up and also sees that it's closed. What happens here is basically that the teams both go off to try to figure out what the hell is going on, and Esquire finds a friendly convenience store first (for once), and is told to ignore the sign that says the place is closed. They follow this advice, and they manage to arrive at the glacier first. Danza is close behind. (Incidentally, the Esquire shades in the snow totally work, in a way that the Esquire shades in warm sunny weather were totally squicky. I may be biased toward cold locales.)

Anyway, Roadblock. At the glacier, somebody has to climb up an ice wall to get the next piece of information. The clue says it could be a "slippery situation." Rob: "I'll take it." Brennan: "It's your turn." Yep. Unstoppable! Efficient! Execution! Rob goes on to read that someone who actually knows what he's doing will be helping with the safety gear and tell him a little about technique. Good thing, too, because Rob as a splat mark on a sheet of ice would be a sad way to end the race. Even LPFrank as a splat mark on a sheet of ice would be a sad way to end the race. And if they both turned into splat marks on a sheet of ice, Team Guido would make up some time, and that would be the biggest tragedy of all. Meanwhile, here comes Danza.

The guide shows Rob how to climb, and makes it look very easy. Hey, it's just walking up an ice wall! What could be hard about that? Danza reads the clue, and Frank sort of shrugs and says he'll do it. Rob starts up the wall. Margarita tells the camera that Frank is "neck-and-neck with Rob," and she thinks Frank will "do a better job" with the climbing. She seems to have no particular basis for this, but looks like she thinks that's what the camera expects her to say. Frank is receiving his instructions. Rob and Frank climb. As they get near the top, Rob notices that all the snow that he's been able to stick his little pick thing into has suddenly turned into ice, and it just breaks and falls down when he stabs it. He says, "Ow," and then he says, "C'mon, wall!" Hee. I would never, while struggling to get myself dressed in the morning, be like, "C'mon, hose!" Although that would be funny. Maybe I'll do that next week. Frank looks like he's trying to climb by just pulling himself up with his arms, which is not going to work. Kick your feet in, Loud Pushy Frank! "Get those feet in, dude," Brennan yells encouragingly to Rob, agreeing with me. Rob has a hard time with this part at the very end, and Loud Pushy Frank kinda gets the hang of it and gains on him somewhat. Rob does get there first, though. The clue at the top of the wall says to go to a particular mile marker and grab a snowmobile to the pit stop. Rob lets himself back down the wall, and he and Brennan run through the snow toward their SUC.

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