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Race To The Finish, Part I

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The beginning of the end, my friends

Esquire, leaving the cabin to head for the blanket toss. As Danza runs by, I think LPFrank actually says, "All right, see you guys later." Thank you, LPFrank. The silent treatment was really not necessary. Esquire keeps running, and when they make it to the toss, Brennan goes up. It doesn't take him long to find it either, although he seems to enjoy the tossing itself more than Frank did. (Is that dirty?) He also does a somersault at the end, which is cute and funny, except that it makes me think he plays on trampolines a lot, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Visors and trampolines…that raises a sort of frat-party beach-volleyball vibe that isn't entirely a good thing. The boys, running a bit behind Danza, read the clue as well. And as hard as it is to believe, they actually both say, "Let's boogie." Man, it looks like if they'd had this much air time to spend on Esquire in previous episodes, we would have heard this a lot. "Songwe Village? Let's boogie!" "The Pantheon? Let's rock!" Oy.

Danza gets in their SUC and gets ready to peel out. Esquire grabs their packs. In the SUC, Frank is trying to figure out exactly where he's going to get to the glacier. Esquire climbs into their SUC. Frank hops out somewhere where there's a wreath on the door (huh?) to ask for directions. Here, you get a good look at the snowsuits they've been given, because Frank has the coat off. It's a sort of overall-y thing, very nice. Right behind him, Brennan goes in and asks directions at the same place. What's with that wreath? When it's still winter, can you leave your wreath up indefinitely? Anyway, just as she did with LPFrank, the nice lady inside gives him directions. Cut to Danza, in the SUC, explaining that they've got their map, they've got their book, and they're on their way. Margarita is talking about the fact that they'll need directions again, and sure enough, they stop again.

Esquire SUC, which has caught up to Danza. Rob explains that they're happy to be the trailer rather than the leader, because they're quite sure they know where they're going (because of their "guidebook" -- heh. Geeks), and they don't want to lead Danza there, in case Danza screws up and drives by it. It's an interesting theory, and consistent with their fairly conservative approach -- they don't have much interest in a car chase, or in trying to pass Danza. They feel like they're in the best possible place to avoid a mistake, and that's just where they like to be.

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