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The train carrying the second group of three teams discharges them at the Wall. Kris and Jon are in the lead. Kris is a portrait in angst and ennui. Hayden and Aaron try to keep up with them, but Gus and Hera don't. Gus's VO draws a parallel between the depths of human degradation in Africa and Europe. He expresses wonder that humans are capable of so much horror.

Somehow the Amazing Editors are able to resist the temptation to cut immediately to Jonathan. Instead, Lori and Bolo get off the train near the Wall. Hornio and Nuance have gone pretty far afield. Nuance slithers under a locked metal grate that's about eight inches off the ground. Yeah, the producers are going to make Gus do that. Think, people. Eventually they get to the far end of the wall, having found bubkes. "Come on, Adam," Rebecca calls. "The Wall's done!" Isn't that the point?

Now Don and MJ are getting off the train and jogging to the Wall. MJ laughs tiredly, "Oh, God, these runs." Didn't anyone warn her about Senegalese food? Kris and Jon find the clue box and grab a cab, with Aaron and Hayden close behind. The latter team's taxi, by the way, has the phrase "PLAN-B" emblazoned on the side in large letters. It's nobody's fault, but what a wasted comic opportunity. Gus and Hera get themselves clued, and on their leisurely way back to the train station, they run into Nuance and Hornio trotting the opposite direction. "We overshot it," Rebecca admits as they dash by. "This is a perfect example," Hera finger-waggles to the camera, "of why running too fast can be bad." Another advantage to not running fast everywhere that is unique to Hera's situation is that your partner is less likely to drop dead on you. Seriously, though, I think it's kind of sweet of her to try to assuage any concerns Gus might have that he's slowing her down. Assuming that's what she's doing. They get a cab back at the station. Nuance and Hornio find clues and cabs. El Hornio tells his new cabdriver, "Turbo! Fahrvergnügen!" What's German for "shut up"?

The newly-clued wrestlers get themselves a cab. Lori tells the driver, "Run red lights. Run over people." It's doesn't bother me as much as when Christie did it, because (a) Lori's not serious, and (b) she's not instructing him to run over specific people. I don't know why I find that less offensive, but I do. Don and MJ, upon getting their clue, immediately pile into -- a train. Oh, for chrissakes.

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