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Hysterical Landmarks

Nuance arrives outside, with no idea of what they're about to wade into. They try to get into the office, but Bolo's starting to get pissed off and is telling people to shut up, including Hayden. Aaron -- his heart clearly not in it, but knowing he'll hear about it from his girlfriend later if he doesn't step in -- tells Bolo to shut his mouth. Bolo -- clearly glad to now have an opponent he's allowed to intimidate physically -- tries to step around Hayden, demanding, "What are you going to do about it?" Hayden blocks Bolo's path, telling him, "You're not going to fight. Lower the testosterone a bit."

And then it gets personal. Hayden calls Bolo "5'5" and on steroids." Oh, don't do that. Leaving aside the likelihood that all of these contestants probably had to undergo drug testing before they were allowed to do this (and, by the way, I hope for Victoria's sake that Jonathan's anti-psychotic meds are waiting for him at Sequesterville so that he can get rebalanced, stat), it's just a dumb idea ever to assume that anyone is on steroids, at least to his face. It's even worse than assuming someone is pregnant, because with steroids there's no upside to being right. You're either wrong and embarrassed, or you're right and staring down the barrel of a 'roid-fueled curbstomping. Whoops, I said "staring down." Sorry, Bolo. Figure of speech. Bolo denies being on steroids, in a fairly reasonable tone under the circumstances. We go to commercial wondering if the floor of the ticket office is going to be awash in blood and teeth when we come back.

In fact, we come back to see Hayden backing down, as she should. Not that she's completely called a halt to her little acro-equestrian routine. She confirms that she and Aaron are booked while Kendra taps on the door to get in. Hayden dispatches Aaron to tell Nuance to get their own tickets because there's "too much commotion." There's more than a little of the "let the baby have his bottle" attitude about that, but Bolo clamps right onto that nipple and apologizes, even reaching up and patting Hayden companionably on the shoulder. And they're all friends again. "And I'm not on steroids," he adds. I'm inclined to believe him, although I do suspect that he and Lori do a lot of their grocery shopping at General Nutrition Centers. Hayden laughs. And after all that hooraw, everyone gets on the same flight anyway. Team Nuance is the last to get tickets. Hey, guys, here's an airport nuance you may not be aware of: try to get to them faster.

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