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Jonathan does some of his mental magic to draft a local into helping him find a travel agency when they get to the mainland. Everyone boards the next ferry. During the crossing, Hayden and Aaron and Nuance make a pact to buy tickets for each other. Good, that always turns out well. The ferry docks back in Dakar and teams scramble for taxis. Hayden and Aaron, Nuance, and the wrestlers are on their way to the airport. Bolo clarifies that he doesn't want a discount flight "with the goats and sheep." Nice. In Don and MJ's cab, she claims that she looks forty years older than when they left. During the close-up of her that the editors thoughtfully provide so we can judge for ourselves, I mentally backdate her face four decades and realize that, at the beginning of the race, MJ was in fact none other than Ghostbusters-era Sigourney Weaver.

Jonathan and Victoria are still on foot, as are Gus and Hera, and apparently both teams are headed to the travel agent. So is Hornio, but they're going in a cab. Kris and Jon are getting directions to the agency from locals. Kris bursts into tears and collapses in an inconsolable heap.

Hayden asks her cab driver how he's doing, and he returns the courtesy. Everyone smiles. Meanwhile, Kendra is sitting in her cab with Freddy, bitching that they're stuck in traffic. Indeed, their cab driver isn't a particularly aggressive specimen, as they get passed by both Don and MJ and the wrestlers. Kendra now takes a moment to audition for a commercial for the Dakar Tourism Board: "This city is wretched and disgusting. And they just keep breeding and breeding. And this poverty. I can't take it." You hear that, people of Senegal? Stop breeding! Kendra says so. That is all. Meanwhile, their cab driver looks in his rearview mirror like he may be about to get quite a bit more aggressive, but not in a way that Kendra will like. Someone should warn him that all the local poverty she can't take is something she won't hesitate to use against him when it comes time to pay the fare. I really hope Kendra gets a chance to ride a train in India.

A bunch of teams find an Air France office. Jonathan and Victoria are the first to get booked on a 7:15 PM flight to Berlin, closely followed by Gus and Hera and Hornio. Then all three teams are in cabs to the airport. Kris and Jon are right behind them. After they get their tickets, Kris lies down for a nap on the spot.

At the Air France office at Dakar Airport, Hayden and Aaron get to the counter first, and other teams are right behind them. Happily for those who love drama, none of those teams is Nuance. Hayden secures tickets for her own team while Lori and Bolo crowd behind her. Hayden tries to get tickets for Nuance as well, but Bolo immediately calls foul. "They shouldn't be allowed to do that," he complains. Hayden schoolmarmishly tries to tell them not to "make a scene." She's trying to be above all this, like she's thinking, "These people are embarrassing me while I'm just minding my own business and doing something sketchy." Like if they had any manners at all, they would just stand there quietly and let her screw them. Get off your high horse, Hayden. Lori and Bolo object to "cutting in line," which gives Hayden an opening to protest that she's not cutting in line. Obviously, she's being disingenuous, because she knows exactly what Bolo's objecting to, even if he's not articulating it clearly. This is a man who conjugated the phrase "Me are," after all.

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