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You want a previously? How about this: way back in the mists of 2001, The Amazing Race premiered. Among that first crop of racers were a couple of grandparents named Dave and Magaretta, who blazed the trail for all of the "older couple" racers since (well, except Arthur and Anita, who just kind of wandered around ignoring the trail). Margaretta passed away on October 26. I think I speak for all of us when I tell her to travel safe.

So now that you're all sufficiently bummed out, let's rejoin Phil and the race and the six remaining teams in Siem Reap, Cambodia, where the 900-year-old Bayon Temple was the Pit Stop. Nick and Starr, who arrived at 11:22 a.m., are leaving at 11:22 p.m. Wow, they really must have had an early start in Siem Reap last week to have arrived at the Pit Stop so early in the day. "Fly to Delhi, India," Starr reads from their clue. Phil informs us that's more than two thousand miles. When they land, they'll need to take a taxi to a place called Moonlight Motors for their next clue. They have $110 for the leg, and the clue states that before going to the airport, all teams have to get their tickets at the Tourex Travel Agency, right there in Siem Reap. The Siblings jump into one of the tuk-tuks waiting nearby. Well, this leg is certainly starting out on the spoon-fed side: "Take one of the conveyances we have waiting for you to a travel agency that we have designated." Must be tough to secure ground or air transportation in Cambodia after midnight. In an interview, Nick says he constantly can't believe he's doing this race with his little sister. Apparently they used to fight all the time. Really? Siblings fighting? Can you imagine? "But our relationship honestly has just gotten closer, and deeper," he adds. It's like he's daring us to find all this kind of squicky. In the tuk-tuk, Starr expects India to be "just as shocking as Cambodia." Nick, apparently a longtime viewer, expects "crowds and heat and confusion." Well, there will be plenty of all three, but that last one isn't going to be evenly spread around, to say the least. They reach the travel agency first, which has been kind enough to stay open for them this late. All on its own volition, I am sure.

Toni and Dallas are leaving the Pit Stop at 11:34. In an interview, Dallas admits that his mom is aware that there's a "flirtation" going on between him and Starr. "But it's just awkward, trying to talk to Starr with Nick around and my mom around. We'll have to wait and see what happens next." Indeed; Nick is potentially quite the wild card in this situation, if you know what I mean, and even if you don't, and think I mean something else, that's probably valid too.

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