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Harron and Ayden are wandering around looking for a cab, still, and she's not at all happy about having fallen behind Kris and Jon.

When Hornio gets the clue, Rebecca quickly concludes that "Bolo did the Fast Forward," so she's not pursuing it either. Back at the start, Freddy tells Kendra that his "whole face hurts." You know, maybe if he stopped yelling. I find that often makes my whole face hurt. Meanwhile, Hornio gives a second unnecessary "Choo-choooo!" as he and Rebecca return to the start. Freddy and Kendra leave in the car; Hornio gets a cab; Aaron and Hayden then get one at last. Nuance gets the clue, and they, too, blow off the FF as already gone, in all likelihood. Spazpants is the sixth team to take the train car. They get the clue, they come back, and Gus and Hera leave last. They ride, they get the clue, they come back, they look for a cab. Nuance and Gus and Hera appear to get cabs for the Danube at approximately the same time, although you never know what those delightful editing pixies have up their sleeves.

In good news, in the Nuance cab, Freddy characterizes his own behavior today as that of "a clown." "I'd just been hit in the nose, and I lost total control. It was like somebody taking the lid off a pressure cooker." Well, at least he knows. Better a self-aware clown than the other kind. ["Aw. Now I miss the actual clowns." -- Sars] Bolo and Lori, in their cab, are almost to the Fast Forward, and they're hoping that they can skip to the pit stop.

Kris and Jon are the first to arrive at the next clue at the Sspaoifshdhd Vnuibsz. Or whatever. Phil explains, with an assist from the Exposition Hands, that this is a Detour, and the two choices this week are Swim and Paddle. In Swim, the team will get in a pool and try to score a goal against a Hungarian water polo goalie. In Paddle, they'll go to a beach, use a hand pump to inflate a boat, and then paddle it across the Danube. Kris and Jon immediately pick the water polo, because at least it's not an inflatable pool. They rush over to the pool, noting that it requires them to put on the provided "water polo gear." "A Speedo," Jon notes with great enthusiasm. Oh, wait, actually, that was my great enthusiasm. Sorry.

In the Lori and Bolo cab, it appears that she's decided she's actually mad at him for saying they're right back in it. She doesn't want to count any chickens until she knows she doesn't have to shave her head, is my opinion. "It ain't first place until you step on the pit stop," she says. "I'm sorry, but that's the way I was raised. You're not there until you're there." And I agree, although I'm surprised anyone raises their kids with any particular philosophy for Fast Forwards. Crazy home-schoolers. (Don't email me! Especially as a civics project! Go back to spelling long words!) (Don't email me now, either!)

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