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In the aftermath, as the teams scramble for numbers, Freddy demands, "Who pulled the gate down?" Jon starts to explain how they knocked over the post, and Freddy says, "No, the gate." I'm pretty sure his next question is, "Who pulled the fucking gate down?", and that they edited out the swear, but I couldn't...well, swear. Lori points out that she and Bolo were long gone by the time Freddy got hit, which is true. Freddy will not be dissuaded, and continues to demand to know who pulled it down. "Was it you?" he asks Jon as Jon tries to get him to relax. "Calm down, buddy," Jon says. "When I find out who pulled the gate down, IT'S SOMEBODY'S ASS!" Freddy yells. Tee hee. Sorry, thought that was funny. The best part is when Jonathan comes over and puts his hands on Freddy, saying, "You're okay, come on, walk it off." (M. Giant: "When Jonathan is telling you to calm down, you have a problem.") Meanwhile, Hera is not so worried about pressing charges, but her head hurts. She describes how the thing really whipped down on her head, but Freddy is still getting his freak-out on. "One of you, I'm gonna break in half!", he yells. He keeps it up: "One of you will pay for that." I don't know what kind of investigation he intends to institute, but it's probably time for him to admit at the very least that he has no way of finding out what happened, and he's not later going to come back like Charles Bronson and kick anyone's ass. Not that I wouldn't welcome it, provided that it resulted in bodily injury to Jonathan. Gus calms Freddy by telling him that Hera got herself conked on the head also. For some reason, it seems to help. Whatever. Lori and Bolo take off in the little rail car, because indeed, they are the first team.

It turns out that the train car looks kind of like a roller-coaster car that just flies down the tracks in a straight line. And as they sit there on the seat, Lori and Bolo exchange a low-five, which is fine, but then Bolo decides to howl and laugh as loudly as he can in a sort of "Bite me, suckers" posture, which is understandable, but not such a great idea. That's a good way to make enemies unnecessarily, as I have pointed out many times. Back at the starting line, Freddy is beginning to be calmed, and now just talks about how much it hurt. He does not mention that he is thinking about whether he could choke Bolo with his do-rag. At the end of the little rail tracks, Lori and Bolo hop out of the car and go to the clue box. We don't see the new clue yet, because now, it is time to explain about the Fast Forward.

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