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El Hornio and Rebecca walk, and he talks about having wanted to "go and be romantic by [them]selves." "I am so over being romantic with you!" she spits back. She says El Hornio is "like her brother," and she would have preferred to hang out with the other couples. She goes on to blame El Hornio exclusively for the fact that other people don't want to be with them, declaring that he sucks, while she is "a cool chick" and "fun to hang out with." Wow. It must be nice to be absolutely certain that nothing bad that ever happens has anything to do with you. Rebecca interviews that while she loves El Hornio, she looks at Aaron and Hayden and Kris and Jon, and she thinks maybe those relationships are a trifle more "healthy" than hers. In the same way that All-Bran is a trifle more healthy than deep-fried Apple Jacks. Apparently, this thing about going off together is something that Rebecca has brought up, because El Hornio tells her to keep this in mind the next time she's all griping about "being romantic." "Whatever, Adam, I'm so over you!" she says with great and vigorous nastiness. "Go away!" She says she'd rather be alone than be with him, which is probably why she resisted when the blue van came to kidnap the two of them and force them to spend an entire month together with no one else around. El Hornio goes on to interview that he still has great "love" for Rebecca, although at this moment, it's awfully difficult to know why.

Spazpants piles into a cab. Jonathan tells Victoria she's "dumb." So, pretty much status quo, there.

Gus and Hera arrive at the hotel, commenting that it's "better than sleeping on the street." When Nuance arrives, unsurprisingly, Kendra's first concern is whether they get their own room. Not whether or not they have to sleep outside, mind you, but whether they get their own room. And who will fluff the pillows? Will there be a laundry service? What time will my omelet be served? Bleh. Hayden and Aaron, then Kris and Jon, arrive at the hotel, followed by Spazpants, whom I'm sure everyone is enormously happy to see, in an "Egads, are they still here?" kind of way.

Bolo and Lori hop off their train in Budapest, headed for the internet café. When Bolo loudly whistles at a cab, Lori tells him that it's not New York. And more's the pity, really. Their driver does, fortunately, know the location of the internet café, so they're on their way. In the cab, it appears that Lori is having quite a bit of trouble keeping her eyes open, and when she does open them, it's only to say she's not sure how they can possibly catch up.

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