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Meanwhile, back in Eger, Bolo asks another person about trains to Budapest and is told that in fact, there is another one. There is one that leaves at 2:55 AM. So what do you know? Not that big of a deal after all. You'd almost think I could have skipped last week's entire episode, not to mention the ensuing clip show. Snore.

Nuance leaves the internet café and is replaced by Kris and Jon. Jon thinks it's "sweet" when they log on to AOL, so he's easy to please, apparently. I'll make a note of it. Hornio starts to work on the computer as well.

Spazpants is outside, and Jonathan is trying to snag a cab. He says something to Victoria about "holding" a cab they see, but it's not clear why she has to hold it instead of him. At any rate, nobody winds up holding it, and they lose the cab to Nuance. "Dammit!" Jonathan hollers. "What part of 'hold the cab' don't you understand?" he demands, going on to talk about "how many seasons" she's seen, and when she asks him why he didn't get the cab himself, he has no answer, so he just barks at her a couple of times to shut up. "That's why women don't rule the world," he says. Yeah, I'm real concerned about his opinion. He's breaking my heart. Now we'll never achieve suffrage.

Gus and Hera get a taxi without having to break out any major disputes over gender politics. Back in the café, Aaron continues to be all silly by imitating the "You've Got Mail" voice. How did he get to be my new boyfriend in thirty seconds, just by talking back to AOL? It really is true that I am the cheapest date ever. El Hornio screws up the mail the first time, to which Rebecca impatiently replies, "Why are you retarded right now?" I personally think it's the company he's keeping. Aaron and Hayden, Kris and Jon, and Hornio leave the café.

Lori and Bolo board a train to Budapest. "If we aren't last, God is with us completely," Bolo says. God: "Glug, glug." (Sorry, had to get one in for old times' sake. Only once a season, I swear.)

Aaron and Hayden, Kris and Jon, and Hornio stroll by the river. Hornio splits off, and Kris and Jon and Aaron and Hayden form a little clump of relative functionality as Kris and Jon, in particular, marvel at the sights of Budapest. Kris loves the Gothic architecture, Aaron thinks it's so cool, and all of them are heading for what is apparently their pre-arranged hotel. Because difficult conditions are no longer part of the race, in case you haven't noticed. There's no reason to subject people to exhaustion and limited food when you can just wait around for them to throw crap at each other like zoo monkeys.

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