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Soup to nuts

Gus and Hera approach the restaurant.

Kris and Jon get to the pit stop area. They hop out and look for the funicular. Victoria, in the Spazpants cab, is telling Jonathan she doesn't ever want to eat again. After seeing that bit with Freddy, I don't really want to ever eat again, either. Jonathan kisses Victoria on the cheek, which I hope she washed after she kept puking on herself. He assures her that he's only "trying to get [her] to motivate." They come up behind Kris and Jon, and Jon turns to Spazpants and says, "Dude, how good was that soup?" Hee. "I've never seen a monster like her," Jonathan declares. So, so tiresome, really. In the Hornio cab, El Hornio tells Rebecca how awesome she was. In the Hayden/Aaron cab, Hayden is explaining how she should have done the Roadblock, because she could have done it much faster. She also instructs him to wipe his nose. Thanks, Mom. She is really such a harpy. Call me, Aaron!

Jon and Kris and Spazpants hop into two different cars on the same funicular up the hill. Spazpants yells at the innocent local sharing their car with them, about how she has to let them jump off first. Oh, and Victoria notes that she threw up in her hair. That's nice, isn't it? When the two teams de-funiculate at the top of the hill and start running, Victoria immediately declares that she's going to throw up. You know, again. And Jonathan instructs her not to "go into the pit stop crying again." So you can tell he learned his lesson from last time. Both teams run for the pit stop. Fortunately, Kris and Jon are the next ones to hit the mat. Welcome to Budapest. HUNGARY! Welcome, Team Thank God You Are Here Because Otherwise I Would Be Losing My Fucking Mind By Now, you are team number two. Spazpants, having dropped their packs, finishes third. "Always good to see you, Phil," Jonathan says. Off-screen, Phil vomits into a bowl.

In the Hornio cab, El Hornio says that he thinks a funicular is "a little two-person bicycle." Hee hee. He is almost dweeby enough to be kind of adorable. But not. Because...just, no.

Back at the restaurant, Freddy struggles to finish. They finally get to leave, and she tells him in the cab how awesome he is while he holds something to his head. Gus and Hera, "Currently In Last Place," get to the restaurant next, and Gus agrees to eat the soup.

El Hornio is sad that Rebecca wants to run up the stairs, not because he doesn't want to do the stairs, but because he wants to take the little train. So they do. That seems surprisingly healthy of them, the way they discussed it. And no one had to scream or cry or act like a complete bitch. Which, as you know, they both can do at times.

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