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Soup to nuts

In the Hornio cab, Rebecca declares El Hornio "the new king of water polo." But he is not the king of traffic, and they are stuck.

Hardees and Aarosmith arrive at the Roadblock and hold their cab. They hit the clue box. Aaron is taking the task for his team. Inside, Jon looks up at the guy in the chef's hat. "Did you make this?" he deadpans. "It's a little spicy. I think you might want to tone it down a little bit." Kris laughs. "Just tone it down a little crack next time," he adds. Snerk. Aaron and Hayden arrive, and Aaron sits down to start in on the soup, as Hayden adds the information from the clue that you do have to eat the soup with the spoon, so there is apparently no picking up the bowl and chugging it. Among other things, that would probably be kind of bad for your stomach lining.

Spazpants arrives at the restaurant. "Who's ready to spice up their life? Victoria," Jonathan says sourly. She looks dubious. "Right?" he asks too late. "Okay," she agrees. Inside, Jon and Aaron are still eating. And now, Victoria is eating too. "It's so spicy!" she says. Jonathan comes over and yells at the musicians, as if they're making it impossible for Victoria to eat. Jon does tell Kris that the "screeching violins" are not helping his stomach. Behind Aaron, Hayden says she'll "cheer for [him]," and she starts some little cheerleader-ish clapping. "If you start doing that, I'll stop eating," he says simply. Hee hee. "You're not doing it right," Jonathan declares to Victoria. "Doing it right"? She's eating soup, you shit. What do you expect her to do, stuff it in her ears? Apparently, Jonathan's complaint is that she should eat faster. "I'm going to stop until you shut up," she says, sticking up for herself for once. "Jon's just the man," Kris says, as she rubs her baby's shoulders. Which is just what I would be doing, whether it helped him eat the soup or not. He continues to eat as she rubs his back lightly. Jonathan is still disgusted: "She's a lightweight, what can I say?" "Support her. Support her," Kris tells him. You will be shocked to hear that it doesn't take. Kris even tries to help Victoria herself, saying, "You got it, girl, you got it." Aaron has a different question. "Why didn't you do it, Jonathan?" Aaron asks. "Because I do all the hard stuff," Victoria spits back. Hayden voices over that indeed, she's a bit perplexed by the fact that Jonathan the "dictator" seems to make Victoria do all the hard stuff. She decides that what would help her own boyfriend, however, is to remind him that he's "going to have the runs" after this. Jon, not reminded of his digestive problems, finishes next.

Hornio collects the Roadblock clue, and Rebecca is doing it for them. Kris and Jon, meanwhile, are trying to leave, but they're finding that all the waiting cabs are being held for people who are inside. They do run into Hornio. "Is it hard, y'all?" Rebecca asks. "Oh, dude," is all Jon can say. Never a good sign, when all a guy can come up with is, "Oh, dude." El Hornio observes that Jon looks a little ill, and apologizes in advance for the fact that Rebecca will probably end up the same way.

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