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Lori and Bolo leave, and out on the street, they learn that the spot they're heading for is very nearby. In fact, it's described by a local as "over there." They run for it. They run up the stairs as Bolo notes thoughtfully, "It didn't taste like blood." They land on the mat. "WEL-COME TO BOOOOD-A-PEST!", yells the whip guy. Bolo starts to thank him, and then the whip guy adds, "HUN-GA-RY!" Hee hee. Wow. Is Budapest really mean or something? Because this isn't nearly as hospitable as, say, the friendly old dudes and beauty pageant contestants that have appeared in past seasons. This may be the first greeter to wield a weapon. Anyway, welcome, Lori and Bolo, you are team number one. And in a hug of Phil that actually didn't bother me, Lori jumps up into Phil's arms in a way that looks totally spontaneous and excited, and she bites him on the neck! Hee hee. He grins. And then he rubs his neck, because...ow. "I guess that blood got to you, huh?" he asks. It's interesting to note that even being bitten by strange teeth is clearly way more fun for Phil than when people show up screeching and wailing. Phil awards the rasslers a vacation to "romantic Europe," and this time he really does have to tell them they can enjoy it after the race, because otherwise, they might think they're enjoying it right now, being in Budapest and everything. Bolo says that this proves that you never give up. Indeed. One must always remain conscious of the fact that many legs are meaningless.

Kris and Jon are the first to arrive at the Roadblock. "Who's ready to spice up their life?" reads the clue. Phil explains that this task will require one person to eat a 24-ounce bowl -- that's three cups, for those of you keeping score at home -- of spicy local soup. In fact, Phil says it's "extraordinarily spicy." I think that's about as strong as Phil can come up with, as far as expression of spiciness, short of resorting to words like "yowza," which are probably a little undignified for Phil. Kris asks Jon if he can do it, and he tells her that he can, but she needs to think about how many Roadblocks she's doing and how many he's doing. Indeed, this is the sixth Roadblock, and he's doing his fourth, so they're getting unequally distributed, but not by that much. Besides, she's a pretty strong chick, having done the salt and whatnot, so it's not like she can't do anything physical. At any rate, they go inside to dive into the soup. He sits down as a group of local musicians tootles away "merrily." As he starts eating, he says, "Oh, yeah. It's hot." And I'm sure it is.

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