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Birdcages, Flowers, And John McCain

Outside, teams read their clue, which tells them to go to Hanoi's Old Quarter and find a flower shop. Phil explains that this is a one and one-half mile trip, where they have to search for the shop, where they'll find another clue. Hey, it's the crowded streets! Of this chaotic marketplace! The best part of any race! How about some Horns of Perseverance? Teams grab taxis. The *wins do seem to be cooperating with Dave and Mary about where to get cabs and how much it's supposed to cost -- two dollars. Of course, if you're Duke and Lauren, this is two dollars more than you have. And indeed, Duke and Lauren, unlike every other team, are making the trip on foot. "No cash for a taxi," Duke says. It sucks, because... I mean, the mile and a half isn't going to kill you, but it's potentially slower.

Peter and Sarah get to the flower shop, followed by Terry and Tom and Mary and Dave. Terry and Tom make it to the clue first. It's a Roadblock, and as Phil explains, the chosen person has to sell flowers on the street off a bicycle. You have to sell until you make the equivalent of $5, and you can keep as much money as you make, Duke and Lauren. Tom takes the Roadblock, while elsewhere, Mary is getting a friendly Vietnamese gentleman to give her directions to the flower shop. Second to the shop, somewhat surprisingly, are the *wins. Maybe it did give them good karma to stop in front of the flight suit. Erwin takes the challenge for his team, so now he and Tom are both rolling around on these bikes. I think you probably don't actually want to pedal the unwieldy, flower-packed bike all that much. Peter takes the challenge for his team and immediately starts selling, rather than riding around. There is a rather amusing "ch-ching!" sound effect being used here. Tom and Erwin are both just begging for help, but Peter appears to be selling well from the start. As Tyler walks toward the shop, he sees Tom, on a bike, in a conical hat, selling flowers, and he can't help cackling. It's that cackle of, "So it's that, is it?" If you think about it, it would be pretty funny to see people in the middle of a Roadblock before you have a chance to read the clue. Erwin promptly crashes his flower bike, which is not a good development. I think the message is to push the flower bike, not ride it. Rob and James take the Roadblock, and then Kandice, Dave, and Lyn. Duke and Lauren, meanwhile, are still walking to the flower shop. "Damn, it's hot," Duke remarks. Yes, Duke. Hot, and slow, and confusing, and you're about to add a bike to the equation. Good luck!

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