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Birdcages, Flowers, And John McCain

The next morning at 8:00 AM, the teams are gathered at the door of the prison. When the gate opens, they all receive clues. The clues tell them that hundreds of U.S. servicemen were held here. Phil restates this as we see some old footage, including a photo of a young John McCain, who was there for five years. Five years. That is a long damn time. Five years as a prisoner of war? If that doesn't make you shudder, you know? Phil explains that the teams have to search the grounds of the prison to find McCain's flight suit, which we see is in a glass case with a clue guy standing next to it. Dave says, "I'm just honored to be here, really just for my dad." Aw. Everyone takes a moment to be moved, and then it is time for the doors to open. Enough emotion! Time for pushing and shoving!

They all enter the prison grounds and start trying doors. Different teams go in and out of rooms, past displays showing how prisoners were shackled together and so forth. Mary and Dave peer into a cell. "Gosh, look how tiny," she says. Tom and Terry are the first to wander into the right room and find the flight suit. They collect their clue, and it's Terry, of course, who tells Tom that they should pause for a minute out of respect. I don't know that I think pausing for a minute is all that much more respectful than just knowing in your heart that you feel respect, provided you're not rude. Plus, they're in the lead, which is the easiest time to take a moment. It's the moment you take at no cost to yourself. As other teams approach, Tom and Terry bolt. Next into the room is Peter, and then the Pointies, and Sarah is a little bit behind. The clue guy holds out a clue to Kimberly, but for some reason, Peter reaches over and snatches it. See? This show is breaking stereotypes all over the place, including the one that says people who devote their lives to working with the disabled are nice. James and Tyler get their clue next, and Peter is pissed off and irritated that he has to wait for Sarah. That slacker! She gets there at last, and they get their clue. Then Duke and Lauren, then Dustin and Kandice, who run into the *lyns and Dave and Mary on the way out and say, "First room." Those conniving bitches! Those two teams get their clue.

The *wins agree that they'll go inside and have a moment of silence. It looks, for whatever reason, a lot more genuine to me than what Tom and Terry did, which looked more like they just didn't want to look bad. The *wins are in last, and they seem to have avoided the crush of people almost on purpose so they could do this, which is interesting. In a voiceover, they say that they decided to take this moment not only out of respect for the people who were held in Hanoi, but also for the people who are sacrificing and putting themselves on the line right now, which: good point. Erwin says they didn't want to rush through, "even if it meant that [they] would be in last place." That's nice. Like I said, I can't really explain why this seemed more genuine, but it did. Of course, it often turns out that this results from the complex scientific variable called I Like You, But I Don't Like You.

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