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Birdcages, Flowers, And John McCain

7:07 AM. James and Tyler. They look kind of jazzed about going to Vietnam. I will say that unlike Paris or Sydney, Vietnam strikes me as a place that even many travel-savvy Americans wouldn't think to visit, so I understand the reaction. Tyler says that he and James are happy so far with how things are going, and they haven't been fighting or anything. Hard to fight, of course, when you're both the same guy.

7:45 AM. Duke and Lauren. They seem a little alarmed by the total lack of funds. In the car, Duke comments to Lauren about girls walking arm-in-arm on the street. "You think they're just friends, or what?" he asks Lauren. Heh. She says she doesn't know, probably because she isn't an expert on analyzing lesbian relationships based on walking. Duke tells us in an interview that Lauren's sexuality isn't going to change. "If anything's going to change, it's me, and my acceptance," he says. "She's a beautiful person, inside and out." Aw. I love it when people say exactly what I hope they're thinking, because it makes me feel like I am right and the world is as it should be, which are my two favorite things. Lauren just seems excited about the trip to Vietnam, like some others. Duke comments that he didn't serve in Vietnam because his number didn't come up, but a lot of his friends did. And many of them didn't make it back.

7:52 AM. Tom and Terry. Tom explains to us that he and Terry are both independent, and they've only known each other for two years. Hell, that's only as long as Team Guido lived in Paris! (You can tell I really have been watching old episodes.) Terry wants to follow a bus to the hotel, but Tom is uneasy, which I think is not an unusual state for him. He's kind of jumpy and neurotic, and in that sense, he reminds me of like my parents' dog. Of course, I like my parents' dog. Tom tells us that it's going to be "stressful" to make decisions together, which I think would be less the case if he didn't freak out over every damn little thing. I tell the dog that all the time about thunderstorms and fireworks, incidentally. It never works.

In Peter and Sarah's car, she elaborates by saying that the clue that says they get no money also says that they may not beg (good!) and they may not sell their stuff. (Don't even make the joke. About Sarah. And selling stuff. Just don't.) She interviews that money management is pretty important to this particular race, as it turns out. She also says that she and Peter had $40, but that not everyone was that fortunate. Indeed, in Duke and Lauren's car, he comments that they only have $11. So they'll be getting by on their wits, for the most part.

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