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Birdcages, Flowers, And John McCain

Mary is hassling Dave for not making the bricks big enough, and he admits in an interview that his mind just wasn't on racing today. It was on his dad, and he knows that he was kind of zoned out all day. Dave says that he just wasn't sure how people in Vietnam would even feel about Americans running around. It certainly looks like they're not hostile or anything, Dave. If you noticed, Mary's made all kinds of friends today, and you'd be lost if she hadn't. Don't fear the locals, Dave. I don't think they're holding it against you.

And finally, Peter and Sarah arrive at the Detour. Peter comments in an interview about how there were already a bunch of teams working when they got there, so they just got down to work. Finally, Tom and Terry finish their bricks and get to leave. A whole bus later, and all that running around, and they still didn't get gone before the rest of these people were partway through the task. Will I go to hell if I say they should have picked the birdcage? Tom and Terry leave for the pit stop.

Duke and Lauren are working on assembling their birdcage. He's looking on the bright side and thinks that this decision may work out fine for them.

Welcome, Tom and Terry. You're the second team to arrive at the pit stop. But hey, guess what? Remember the motorbikes you weren't supposed to ride? Well, you did. And it was against the rules. And you're getting a penalty of 30 minutes. Now usually, that would be thirty minutes plus any time you gained, which certainly seems like it would be appropriate here. If it was a kilometer, it's not a long way, but they gained a few minutes. In fact, they presumably wouldn't have been offered motorbike rides or taken them if they wouldn't gain something. At least a minute or two, I'd think. That doesn't seem quite fair.

Other teams work away on their Fuel and Fowl Detours, and then we return to Tom and Terry, who will have to stand off the mat and wait half an hour as other teams check in. Oooh, yikes. "It's over," Terry despairs. Now, none of that.

Commercials. What am I more sick of than regular Peyton Manning? Fake-moustache Peyton Manning.

We return to watch Duke and Lauren really working quite well together at constructing their birdcage. He's urging her to keep a positive attitude, and she's having that "Thanks, Dad" moment where you try not to hit him. Dave and Mary are almost done with the bricks, and James and Tyler are even closer. James and Tyler leave in third place, while Dave and Mary and Dustin and Kandice each have a couple of bricks left. Rob is concerned about finding the energy to finish. Peter and Sarah are surprisingly close, as well. See? Peter is a machine. In lots of ways. Dave and Mary get out first among these teams, so they're in fourth place as they leave for the pit stop. Dustin and Kandice leave in fifth. But as these teams leave, we see Dave and Mary's fanny pack sitting on the ground. Rob and Kimberly finish the coal and leave in sixth place. Peter and Sarah finish and leave in seventh, to the disbelief of the *lyns, who aren't done yet and got there earlier. I think they're going to turn into the Boris and Natasha, and Peter and Sarah are the... well, the moose and the squirrel with the prosthetic leg.

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