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Birdcages, Flowers, And John McCain

Hey, it's Peter and Sarah! In Vac! At last! Sarah is not happy that they're going to have to walk a kilometer to the temple. "You're moving kind of slow on that," he scolds as she follows him. "It's the knee," she reminds him. "I can't move much faster." I find it remarkable that he would be reprimanding her like this, precisely because he probably does understand what's causing it. Is he suggesting he doesn't know what the effect of the blown-out knee is? Doesn't he make these? Did he forget? Is he just the face of the prosthetics business, kind of like Remington Steele? "One kilometer," he says flatly. "That's a piece of cake! You can do it?" She continues to sort of skip.

The big clump of teams looking for Fuel has gotten itself lost. Duke and Lauren stop to get directions, and by the time they look up, they've lost track of everyone else and are on their own. Elsewhere, Peter and Sarah -- who are currently in last place, despite the caption that says "Currently In 1st Place" -- finally get the clue for the Detour at the temple. They pick the Fuel, like everybody else. And somewhere, James and Tyler get someone to lead them, while Duke and Lauren realize that now, they're really lost. "We're in a maze," Lauren remarks dramatically, handing the editing staff a perfect transition into commercials.

Next to the Fuel Detour are Dave and Mary, somewhat surprisingly. Dave gets instructions in brick-making, while Tom and Terry are up to about ten bricks. This is not their cup of tea, I don't think. Dustin and Kandice and Rob and Kimberly are wondering where James and Tyler went. Well, James and Tyler are at Fuel, where Mary teases them about what took so long for them to get here. The guys tell Dave they figure the Detour must be just his thing. "This ain't real coal," Dave mutters. "Ours is hard. Theirs is mud." Dear Dave: "Real" does not equal "like mine." Just a note.

The *wins, with their helpful local, approach the rice paddy, where Phil is standing on the platform where the mat is. "Welcome to Vietnam," the greeter says when they get there. Welcome, Erwin and Godwin. You are team number one, and you win a big old entertainment center. They are very excited. They haven't exactly been frontrunning, so I think they're just happy for the victory, more than for the entertainment center. "Woo! Vietnam!" they yell as they jump up and down. Hee. They just love Vietnam as a homeland, even though they're not Vietnamese.

Meanwhile, Duke and Lauren stumble across the birdcage-making Detour, even though it's not what they were looking for. But they're smart enough not to keep randomly walking around, so they decide they'll cut their losses and do this Detour. Duke figures that the other teams may still be wandering around looking for Fuel anyway. Indeed, the Pointy/Dustin-Kandice/*lyns group is still wandering. But finally, they make their way to Fuel, where Rob greets Tyler with "Hey, Ty, what do we have to do, bro?" So apparently, they're friends now. The newly arrived teams all try to watch the demonstration and figure out the coal. Kandice interviews that once they got going making their bricks, they did really well and "got this rhythm going." "We had a little brick factory going today!" Dustin says. I'd love it if that were a Ramona Quimby shout-out.

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