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Birdcages, Flowers, And John McCain

At the temple, Tom and Terry get their clue. "One birdcage may take forever," Terry observes, so they decide to do the coal bricks.

The *wins have finished 30 little bricks, but they are informed that their bricks are substantially too short, and won't count. Wow, that sucks. If they won't check your work until the end, and you've made 30 before you learn that your method is wrong? This could take a long time.

Now the famous and heavily-used 3rd Bus To Vac arrives. Teams fan out looking for the temple. Dave asks after Mary's ankle, and she says she thinks she's really hurt it, but she keeps walking. The *wins are still working on their coal bricks when Tom and Terry arrive. "Oh, it's like Play-Doh!" one of them comments. Sigh. There are a bunch of locals gathered around watching people make bricks, and they seem to particularly enjoy coaching a very confused Terry through the process of making bricks, using the international language of "No, dummy, do it like this, like what I'm doing with my hands right now... no, like this, dummy." Back at the temple, Tyler and James, Dustin and Kandice, and Rob and Kimberly are retrieving the Detour clue. And they're all taking Fuel. And guess who's right behind them? Duke and Lauren, not doing too badly. They pick Fuel, and the *lyns do as well. I'm curious about what people found so off-putting about making a birdcage. I think I might have picked that one, thinking it would be a task of precision and paying attention, and the other one would be a task of endurance. No one agrees with me, though, so the clump of teams starts running through the streets looking for the Fuel location. And Duke and Lauren follow. As these people are leaving, Dave and Mary are arriving at the temple. "Oh, wow. It's one of those things you see on tee-vee, Dave!" Mary says happily. So in Mary's world, other cultures exist, but only on cable. Mary really does strike me as one of those people where... the lack of multiculturalism doesn't just mean she hasn't been to China. It means she's never opened a fortune cookie. They run in, with Mary shrieking, "'Scuse me! 'Scuse me!" the whole time, which is kind of cute. They choose the Fuel Detour, duh, because Dave works with coal. I understand the thinking, but I doubt the skills are going to be similar.

The *wins and Tom and Terry are making bricks. Tom and Terry are finding, as the *wins did, that the making of the bricks is only half the battle, because not all their bricks are of a quality that anyone will count them. The *wins, on the other hand, are doing well and getting their clue. They are all done. The clue tells them to go on foot to the pit stop. Phil says it's only "a short distance" to the mat, which is located in an "expansive rice paddy." A guy agrees to take the *wins there, so they leave.

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