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Birdcages, Flowers, And John McCain

When we return, Dave is staring out the windows of the bus. He explains how it's amazing to him to think about his father being in this very place, only involved in a war, of course. He says that to see a rice paddy and imagine what his father might have gone through is really something. Fortunately, since they're riding a bus, Mary is not forced to jump in and start yelling at him about how he's going too slow, so he has a better opportunity to finish his thought than he did last time.

The first bus, carrying the *wins, arrives in Vac. They get directions to the temple. Again, there's a guy offering to provide a ride on his motorbike, but they decline politely. Phil uses this opportunity to explain that, for reasons of safety, the teams are completely not allowed to drive or ride in motorbikes while they're in Vietnam. Did you hear that? For safety reasons, completely not allowed.

Finally, bus 22 comes to rescue Peter and Sarah. They double-check that they are at least going to get to Vac eventually, and indeed, the captions say, "Last Bus To Vac." That should totally be a song. Get on it, Dave Clark Five! Sarah explains on the bus that they suspect they're in last place, so they'll just have to try to catch up as best they can.

At the temple, Erwin and Godwin are greeted by a swirling, dancing, dragon-stomping ritual that they have to kind of bust through to get to the clue box that everyone is dancing around. "Awesome!" one of them observes. Heh. They make it to the clue, which is a Detour called "Fuel or Fowl." In Fuel, as Phil explains, you go on foot to a "work station," where you form wet coal, like a paste, into 30 bricks using a press. When you have 30 good bricks, you get your clue. In Fowl, you travel on foot to a courtyard, where you use traditional materials to make a birdcage. The *wins decide that the birdcage will be harder, so they're going with Fuel. Tom and Terry are right on their heels, arriving second in Vac. And, fatefully, to the sound of ominous horns, Tom and Terry hop on the back of a couple of motorbikes for the ride to the temple. They are not going to win a beauty pageant of paying attention.

Meanwhile, the *wins hit the Fuel Detour. Basically, to make the bricks, you sprinkle some seeds or something in the bottom (so it comes out easier, I assume, like flouring a cake pan?), then you form a wad of coal and pound it into this metal form. Use a lever, almost like a garlic press mechanism, to mush it down, then pop it back out. The *wins make their first brick.

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