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Birdcages, Flowers, And John McCain

Currently getting on the "2nd Bus To Vac" are Tom and Terry, which irks me. Boo! Stop having good luck after being mean! Peter and Sarah, on the other hand, are still waiting by the side of the road. Rob and Kimberly catch sight of Dustin and Kandice and Tyler and James getting help to the bus station, so they tag along. The *lyns seem to have the same idea. Not only that, but Duke and Lauren see them as well, having made up the difference from the walk just while the other teams tried to find the bus station. So all these teams are together as they reach the bus station, but they see that it's across the street, and crossing this street is going to be no picnic, given the constant stream of trucks and motorbikes. The inevitable "Frogger" comparison follows, and it's surprisingly apt. I enjoyed the forum discussions of this, in which someone commented that the way to handle this is to walk confidently across the street, in which case the motorbikes will just work around you. I would not have the courage for that, I'll tell you right now. But they have no choice, so everyone crosses, and it seems to be going okay until the part where Kimberly comes extremely close to being run down by a motorbike. But it screeches to a halt just before hitting her. "Babe!" Rob says, like a reprimand. "I'm okay," she says, a little embarrassed and plenty scared. That certainly felt like a very close call, though it also may be a situation where motorbikes know just how to speed up to you and stop in order to drive home the point about how they're irked that you're in the way. So I'm not sure whether she was ever in any real danger, but still. This gang gets to the bus station, where they run into Dave and Mary, who got here with help from their new local pals. So, on the "3rd Bus To Vac," we have all the remaining teams -- Pointies, Beauty Queens, A(AM!)s, *lyns, Duke and Lauren, and Dave and Mary. Duke says that he's very pleased that they've caught up with a lot of teams who had a big lead over them leaving the flower shop.

Currently screwed: Peter and Sarah, who were out first, but who are still waiting by that bus stop. There is no sign of bus 22. "Crap. We're out of it," she says. Hey -- none of that. Peter looks concerned. I am thinking this may be the universe getting back at him for the snatching of the clue earlier. The universe hates that.

Commercials: If I told you about the email I received about the Lexus commercial claiming that New York is "the birthplace of gridlock," you would not believe me. Suffice it to say that there are people who are very angry about this commercial.

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