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Birdcages, Flowers, And John McCain

Peter and Sarah are at the bus station trying to figure out which bus to get on. A guy in a uniform points at a bus. "Vac?" Sarah says. "Vac?" They seem to be getting directions that this is the right bus to get on, so they hop aboard. "I'm hoping this is the right one. I think it is," she says. They seemed to ask the right questions, so you can't entirely fault them.

Erwin and Godwin are finished with flower-selling, so they leave in fifth place. Finally, Tom and Terry are done, too. Vietnam has all the flowers it needs from you, Tom. It doesn't want to exchange Christmas cards with you.

On Peter and Sarah's bus, a couple of locals inform them that they are on the wrong bus -- this bus is not going to Vac. Erwin and Godwin, on the other hand, hop on what is captioned "1st Bus To Vac." Fortunately for Peter and Sarah, the guy they meet knows which bus goes to Vac, and it's bus 22. They get off the bus at the next stop, and they get to what is supposedly a stop for bus 22, along with a lot of other buses. But of course, they're not at the bus station anymore, so there is a lot more uncertainty introduced into the equation. You never know how strange bus systems work, and if it were me, I'd be going everywhere I could until I found some information on exactly how long I was going to have to wait for bus 22.

The *lyns and Dave and Mary get their clues and head for the bus station. Tyler and James and Dustin and Kandice run into each other, as none of them have found the buses yet. Rob and Kimberly? Also not sure where they're going. I like the fact that Kimberly is telling Rob not to look for Vac on the map, but just to look for the bus station. At any rate, this whole thing went really well for Erwin and Godwin, who apparently had a bus magically materialize in CGI at the very moment they needed one. I don't see them as magical finders of all things transportation-related, so I have to think the fortunes smiled, at least to some degree.

Hey, remember Duke and Lauren? Well, Duke is selling flowers, and Lauren says in an interview that he "did a great job." She says the ladies loved her dad, and this, of course, would have been a great moment for a line about how this is what she and her dad have in common, but I guess she's too dignified. Unlike some of us. She calls Duke over and tells him that they have enough money, so they hand it over to the counting lady, who counts it out and sends them on their way. They're very pleased to be allowed to keep the money, that's for sure. Some money is emphatically better than no money.

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