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Birdcages, Flowers, And John McCain

Rob has some luck selling flowers to a couple of women. Same with Peter. In an interview, Sarah comments that her blond Peter seemed to be very popular with the women, who were all eager to buy from him, because they are not in the position of trying to run on a blown-out knee in situations in which he makes unreasonable demands on them. She leaves out the last part. Sarah does comment, quite correctly, that she needs to do the next Roadblock. "I've just got to jump in with both feet... no pun intended." See? She does it herself. She's not mad at you because you can't stay away from the foot puns. She knows that you will never know how many expressions involve "stand," "leg," and "foot" until you try to talk about a person in her position. Peter and Sarah have enough money, so they take it to a nice lady who counts it for them and hands them their clue. It tells them to take a public bus to Vac. Phil explains that this is a 30-mile trip, and when they get to Vac, they have to hunt for a Buddhist temple where there will be a clue. As they head for the bus station, Peter is fretting over making sure they get on the right bus. Do you think that could be... foreshadowing?

Rob is nearly done selling, and James is going back for more flowers. And Godwin, for whatever reason, is positively screeching Erwin's name. "Shut up," Erwin mutters as he gets back on his bike. It turns out that what Godwin wants to point out is that there's a crowd gathering right in front of the shop to buy flowers, so you don't really need to take the bike anywhere. Still, it's been a while since I heard anyone scream quite like that. I'm sure the Vietnamese flower-purchasing public is very impressed. In an interview, Godwin says that even the most intelligent guy isn't going to compete with a couple of hot women when it comes to selling flowers. I don't know if it's that, given that Peter did so well. I think it's more that some graduate students have impaired flirting abilities, which is why they wind up with other graduate students. Things get very chaotic, and ultimately, Tom winds up yelling very rudely at a couple of locals who are trying to buy flowers. He seriously needs to relax. That is not welcome, and venting your spleen at people is not the way you turn them into customers. "This is chaos!" Tyler hollers.

Duke and Lauren arrive at the flower shop at last. She thinks that because her dad is "in sales," he should take it. Hey, it's as good an argument as any, I suppose. Rob's all done, and so is Kandice, so they go to be counted and get their clue. It's interesting -- several people thought that they saw Dustin helping sell the flowers, but she didn't at all. I think the fact that other people kept referring to "the girls" and "two young females" kind of created that illusion, but Dustin didn't do a thing. James is finished, too, so he and Tyler leave in fourth place. You'll notice that Tom is very bad at this, because he's not nice. He isn't going to win a beauty pageant of salesmanship. As James and Tyler get set to go to the bus station, there's a guy who wants to give them a ride on his motorbike, but they say no -- they need a bus, not a motorbike.

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