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Trey and Lexi find their fourth book and bring them all back to Olga the head librarian with guidance from their librarian back through the maze. Librarians are bad-ass yo, and I'm not just saying that because I'm married to one who will whup me if I don't say so. Olga checks each book one by one, taking extra time on the last volume, but they're good and they get their clue, putting them in first place. Lexi lets out a low-voiced, "Yaaay!" Must be hard to be a happy cheerleader in a library. The clue is telling them to travel by taxi to the Luzhkov Most, which is apparently marked by something called "Trees of Love" -- and a kissing couple, according to the video footage of the location -- and is where they'll find their next clue. Trey & Lexi both seem to like the idea of "Trees of Love," but then they dash off in opposite directions.

Jaymes & James give the synchronized swimming task another try and this time they get through it. It probably helps that neither of them has to perform the solo in the center or the circle, forming part of that circle instead. Their performance isn't perfect, as these things never are, but the coach decides it's good enough to give them their clue in second place. As the twins get back in the pool for another attempt, they tell the Chippendales good job and Jaymes tells them not to get too intimidated by the task. Oh, and maybe ask for an English-speaker like they got.

At the Most with the most (fake trees, that is), Trey & Lexi see at least one wedding party going by and then spot an open chest full of old-fashioned padlocks standing open with clue envelopes sticking out. They claim a clue, which is for a Roadblock that asks the question, "Who's ready to unlock the future?" This is where the Trees of Love come in. These are small artificial trees running along the center of the bridge whose boughs and leaves appear to be made entirely of colorful, frequently heart-shaped padlocks, which Phil claims symbolize eternal love. Yes, that is what locks usually symbolize. Nice attitude toward marriage, Russia. Each tree has also had a red-and-yellow banner added to it that has ten metal grommets with a lock through each one, so each racer will have to use trial and error and a janitor-sized key ring to open all ten of their locks. The next clue is inside the ribbon, in the form of what appears to be a hundred-ruble note. Holding it up, Phil says this "will reveal their next destination," which must be the building printed on there. Trey agrees to do this one and he gets right to work. While he's trying to figure it out, Lexi passive-aggressively points out the several wedding parties going past. "Don't be getting any ideas, girl," Trey says. Awww...?

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