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The twins are taking a while to get there and are already considering whether it's time to use the Express Pass they won in the second leg. Which would be dumb, what with another team almost twelve hours behind them (not that they have any way of knowing there's that much of a time deficit), but they have to use it in either this leg or the next one anyway, so what the hell? Maybe? At least knowing that the Express Pass has a predetermined expiration date does help me understand why some teams in the past have used it the way they did. Almost.

Jaymes & James make their first attempt at swimming with the team. With the music playing and another swimmer tapping on the ladder railing with a spoon so they'll be able to hear the beat underwater, they dive in with the team. Or, rather, Jaymes dives and James belly-flops. They've barely started when a buzzer goes off because they're out of position. On the second try, Jaymes does a backflip two beats early and again during the third time. The fourth try, they both flip too late. But Jaymes is proving pretty good at narrating what attempt they're on, so that's something.

At the library, James and Abba are still trying to puzzle out the card catalog in Cyrillic and probably wanting to reenact that scene in The Day After Tomorrow and just torch the lot. When Team Austin arrives, Lexi asks how it's going and James advises, in a library-voice, "Run for your lives." They start the task anyway, but they're prepared to bail if this doesn't start happening for them soon. More people should have embarked on land wars in this country with a similar attitude.

And now let's check in with the laggards in Warsaw. "Are we nine hours behind them?" Josh asks, but Ryan says it might as well be 24. Hey, at least they're on the right side of what used to be called the Iron Curtain now. "There's really no point in even racing, these guys," Ryan says. Not sure what that means. Is he saying that the goat farmers are such poor competition that they'll be able to beat them without even trying? Because yeah, I would probably agree with that.

"Didn't they ever hear of Dewey?" Abba asks bitterly. Yeah, he was the guy who defeated Truman. Trey and Lexi, going by the general shapes of letters, seem to find their first correct card with a measure of luck as well. The metal guys, however, decide to switch tasks. And probably make a mental note to rewatch the scene in Ghostbusters when the poltergeist vandalizes the card catalogs at their next opportunity.

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