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The other three teams reach the guards shortly afterward. Trey wants to do the library task, because neither he nor Lexi is confident that he can memorize the routine. The twins go with swimming and so do the Chippendales. Trey & Lexi start walking while the Chippendales hire a cab and the twins discover that it can be difficult to get a taxi while Sri Lankan in Russia, as opposed to in Bangladesh. Odd, that.

Team Metal gets to the library and they hobble up the massive staircase as Abba compares it to the Library of Congress. "We could be in here forever." They find the table of librarians, pick one and are given a list of books listed by author, title and date. They take this and head over to a giant card catalog, which has more drawers than a very big thing with a very large amount of small drawers. And there appear to be hundreds of these wooden edifices all around the floor, so trial and error is clearly not going to cut it. They complain about how there's no way to know in what order the Cyrillic alphabet goes (even as they walk obliviously right past a handy reference sign on the end of a bookcase showing visitors just that) and how it has letters that they've never seen before. After pulling out one drawer, seemingly at random, Abba declares, "I think I'd rather drown." They're certainly in over their heads here, if you'll pardon the expression.

The Chippendales arrive at the aquatic center. Inside, a team in spangly pink-and-white swimsuits dives in and commences a short routine. I don't know how any of the racers are going to do this, which includes one swimmer doing all manner of inverted spins and kicks in the center of a circle of her teammates, but I guess everyone gets pushed out of their comfort zone on this show. Jaymes & James come in, already dressed for the pool in black Speedos, their Chippendale bowties and collars, swim goggles and flowery swim caps. "Looked like Mama from Mama's Family, Jaymes says, which seems like kind of a deep track, pop culture reference-wise. In addition to the swim team in pink suits, there are also several instructors standing by in blue suits to teach the racers the routine. The one Jaymes grabs by the hand shows them four diagrams on the wall of what they'll need to do, showing four different patterns with Jaymes as #2 and James as #8. She shows them the deck moves they start out with and leads them into the pool. So far this seems easy enough to them, what with their eight-count dance experience, but when she starts trying to show them moves in the pool they have to get out and start over so they can see what she's doing, which turns out to involve a lot of rolls and somersaults and other things that prove difficult for large men who are unpracticed in this sport. And yes, I called it a sport. People mock synchronized swimming, but it meets all my criteria for a sport: it's physically demanding, people do it competitively and I will die before I attempt it.

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