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In Moscow, the Chippendales and Team Metal emerge from Moscow's Sheremtyevo Terminal at what is presumably some time between two and three in the morning. And they're strolling at a leisurely pace, because they know damn well that wherever they're going probably isn't going to open for several hours anyway. They get into cabs and Jaymes remarks that this is the first time they've been with James and Abba. I've noticed that too, which is why I so rarely have to differentiate between Metal James and Chippendale James.

At the Frankfurt airport, Team Grabbie and the goat farmers find a counter with a sign that says "Last Minute Tickets" and ask for the fastest way to Moscow. The news that the earliest flight takes them through Warsaw and gets them there at 3:10 the following afternoon is not exactly encouraging. I don't know why Abbie and Ryan are so sad though, because they've never not beaten the goat famers to the mat. "It's not even fun anymore," he complains. Gosh, what happened to that motivation?

At the sculpture park, the sky is starting to look light as the lead teams arrive, because June nights are pretty short here in the northern latitudes. As Abba hobbles stiffly out of his cab, we see that the park seems to have quite a variety of sculptures outside its walls from representations of Blind Justice to Charlie Chaplin and a clown that justifiably freaks James out. And, of course, the front gate is locked, marked by a sign that reads, in Cyrillic lettering, "Hours of Operation: 9:30 AM -- 5:00 PM." Okay, 9:30 is ridiculous. And it's possible that those two teams that are stranded in Frankfurt might not even get here before the place closes, which would put them an entire day behind. I wouldn't even wish that on Ryan. "I guess we're hanging out, kids," Jaymes says as Metal James sacks out between the giant feet of one bronze statue like a low-budget hobbit.

Morning comes and with it the belated -roll of Moscow, with all its onion-domes and what not. It's daylight when the twins and Team Austin come out of the airport and get cabs. Lexi observes that it smells like smoke, whether she means the trunk of their taxi or the whole city, and Trey says in their cab that this is the coldest place they've been to. Here's hoping they get to check out a little South American winter. The twins talk about how it's also humid and clammy, and they carp a little bit in an interview about how the weather is like Seattle's. They soon arrive at the sculpture park, where they're quickly joined by the Chippendales, who are looking pretty fresh, as though they found someplace a little more comfortable to spend the night. $420 would come in handy for that. As Team Metal shows up as well, they all wonder about the absence of the other two teams and speculate they might have missed their flight. Metal James wonders if that's even possible. "I hope so," says Lexi, who has been getting her wishes a lot lately. Well, except for one.

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