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Finally, Josh & Brent are the sixth and last team to leave the Pit Stop at 2:07 PM. That's less than an hour and a half behind the leaders, which isn't too bad considering they did the Speed Bump twice and a vastly more time-consuming Detour. Brent's pretty happy to see that they have $420 and rather more mock-happy about leaving in last place again. It's getting to the point where they're lucky to be leaving at all.

At the airport, Natalie and Nadiya bid farewell to Papa the cabdriver. Inside, they spot Trey & Lexi, presumably full of fried chicken and red beans & rice, and ask what flight they're on. When Team Austin sheepishly admits that they're kind of still working on that, the twins take charge, leading them over to the Turkish Airlines counter and getting them all on a flight through Munich that's scheduled to land in Moscow at 4:00 AM. So much for Ryan's theory that they expect Team Austin to do all their work for them.

The Chippendales hit the same ticket counter that Team Metal did earlier, and get on the same flight. Wow, look who's going to be in the front of the pack for once.

The Austin/Sri Lanka alliance spots Abbie & Ryan in the crowded terminal, and the latter team not only blows them off, but Abbie makes a face for the camera. "We got a big hint that the game has changed for them," Lexi obviouses. As Team Grabbie proceeds down the concourse, Ryan calls Trey and Lexi "babies" for waiting "for those chicks." "Figure out how to go from point A to point B without someone else's help," he says dismissively and immediately goes on to win the entire leg all by himself (he doesn't).

Josh & Brent go not to a ticket counter but to a travel agency, where an agent tells them about the Turkish Airlines flight through Frankfurt that Abbie & Ryan will be on. The other option presented to them is through Athens, but it lands in Moscow two hours later, which is why they decide to flip a coin. "Heads, Frankfurt," Josh announces, although neither of them looks too happy. Interesting thing about coin flips, guys: they're not legally binding.

Teams start boarding their respective planes. Team Metal and the Chippendales take off on a plane that the subtitle reminds us will land in Moscow at 2:00 AM, via Amsterdam. Trey & Lexi and Natalie & Nadiya depart on the Munich flight that's scheduled to have them in Moscow by 4:00 AM. And as for the plane carrying the goat farmers and Team Grabbie through Frankfurt? Well, the red subtitle popping up that says "Delayed" does not bode well for them. Josh narrates that the flight attendant told them it would be an hour delay, which coincidentally is the time of their scheduled layover in Frankfurt. Eventually it takes off and then Amazing Blue, Red and Yellow lines curve up into northwestern Europe. Despite the delay, the Frankfurt flight actually appears to land first and the two teams on that one dash down the jetway and through the terminal with only three minutes to make their connection. A plane engine starts spinning, a camera careens down another jetway to another open door and the plane takes off -- without them. Oops. But it gets worse. After the ads, they assess their situation and Abbie sees that there are no flights out of here until the following morning. Well, they have one thing going for them: only one of these teams can come in last.

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