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Trey & Lexi get to the airport and a sign of their travel inexperience is that they go right to the airport's Information desk to ask about flights to Russia. The lady basically waves them over to the Aeroflot counter, because the Russian airline seems like the way to go. But they get confused and end up instead at the counter for another carrier that begins with A, Alitalia. Where the agent not only subtly mocks them for trying to fly to Russia from Turkey on an Italian airline, but tells them to try Air France or KLM, because the French and Dutch are so much more likely to help. Sure enough, they also strike out there and end up deciding to give up for now and eat instead. That's dumb enough, when other teams could potentially start arriving and snapping up seats that should be theirs, but it's even worse that they pick Popeyes (note to editor: there's no apostrophe in Popeyes, which is why my friend Chao calls it "Pope Yes"). I guess I shouldn't give them a hard time; I've sometimes found that nothing soothes the stress and culture shock of international travel like the occasional Big Mac. And the hearty American fare should fortify them for the impending assault on the ticket agents at Qantas and Aer Lingus.

Natalie and Nadiya open their clue at 1:44 PM and are pretty excited to be going to Moscow. And their cabdriver seems to be pretty happy to have them, sharing his snacks with them and telling them to call him Papa. They interview that they've been coasting on their personality, but need to change that. I'm not sure Ryan would agree.

Speaking of whom, when Abbie and Ryan get to the airport, they get on the internet at a computer kiosk and find an itinerary that involves leaving Istanbul on Turkish Airlines, then transferring to an Aeroflot flight in Frankfurt that should get them to Moscow at 3:40 AM. The one-hour layover in Germany shouldn't be a problem, right? Ryan VOs that it's worth the risk, so they book it. They'll have to book it in Frankfurt too, if you know what I mean.

Jaymes and James are also pretty happy to be headed to Moscow, beginning their leg at 1:55 PM. Also, you know how they've been wearing royal-blue Chippendales T-shirts all through the race? They've changed to red ones for this leg and they look weird.

James & Abba go to a ticket counter with an Inkjet-printed list of Russian cities hung on the glass. They get themselves on a flight that supposedly lands in Moscow at 2:00, with one stop in Amsterdam. Ryan and Abbie must have missed that one. Oh well, it's not the only thing they'll miss.

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