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Team Metal is in another cab to what they don't yet know is the Pit Stop and Abba mutters about the driver, "Where's he going? A back alleyway to slit out throats and kill us? That'd be a fitting end to today." You've been hurt before, haven't you, Abba?

Josh & Brent give it another try. It's been long enough that Abbie and Ryan are dressed again and ready to go, but Brent's still not getting it. At least he's figured out that he forgets the moves because he panics every time he swallows water, so that's progress. At this rate they should be done in a matter of hours, and failing that, the library has to reopen eventually.

James and Abba make it to the mat empty-handed. Phil regards them severely, unamused by James's mock-conducting of the accordion player. He breaks the bad news that they're the fourth team to arrive. James puts an arm around Abba's shoulder as Phil goes on, "However, as you know, in order to stay in the race you need to have your passports. I need to know whether you have your passports to check into the mat." Abba says they don't and Phil flatly says, "You need to produce your passports." They sit on the edge of one of the fountains and contemplate their fortunes. Abba says he doesn't know what to do. "I know what he looks like. I know what his cab looks like. But in a city of ten million people, what are the odds of finding the one that you're looking for?" Come on, you guys, think outside the box. You're in Moscow. Has it seriously not occurred to you that the city must be crawling with ex-KGB guys who would be happy to help you out with some fake papers in exchange for $420 now and a share of a million bucks later? It's like they're not even trying to come up with creative solutions here.

However, the show has, and it goes like this: "To Be Continued." Yeah, thought so.

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