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After the ads, Abba's back at the trees while James paces back and forth on the bridge, hoping their cabbie will return. Abba updates us, "Either our cab driver just took off with our bags, and we're done, at which point I'll take these [keys] and throw them in the water or maybe he just got chased and he's slipping around and coming back for us." "Chased?" Yeah, Abba, I don't think Moscow's like that anymore. I guess he didn't come here with Scorpions back in the '80s. As James paces back up to him, Abba wonders if he should even bother and James says he might as well; they're there and there's nothing else they can do. Almost literally. Abba agrees that they're not going to quit and adds, "God, please bring back our stuff." James adds for the folks at home, "Don't leave your bags in cabs, kids." The one bit of good news is that Abba has his first lock open.

At the pool, Brent isn't having a much better time. He keeps entering the pool in a sort of awkward chest-flop, can't tread water and can only do a backflip with Josh's help. Not looking good. Abbie, however, is ready to give it a try. You know, if they were really going to run this leg as a single unit, they could take turns not having Brent on their team.

Abba gets his ribbon disengaged from the tree and extracts the ruble. "Nice going," James tells him over the subtitle putting them "Currently in 4th Place." For all the good it does them. Now all they can do is walk back to the bank and hope their cab is back, which it is decidedly not. James says they need to cut their loss. "You got your passport?" he asks Abba brightly. "Uh, no, I do not," Abba admits. James takes that pretty calmly, saying that's a problem, but they still have their money to get around, so they can go check in and see what happens. "Or we could jump off the bridge," Abba says, only half-kidding.

Despite the day they've had, Abbie and Ryan get some kind of second wind and get a thumbs-up from the synchro coach on what looks to be their first try. After they get their clue though, Ryan says, "We'll watch the boys. They watched us." In a post-leg interview, Ryan explains that they agreed to work together, up to and including waiting for each other if one team finished first. Again, I'm really not seeing how this agreement benefits Abbie & Ryan even a little and all four of them have to know it. And they have to have known it from the beginning, especially when it's almost immediately apparent from Brent's chest-flop into the water on his and Josh's first attempt that they're going to be waiting a while. Ryan's not too nice to laugh at him from the bench and the coach yells at Brent, "Come on, swim!" Brent gives up the attempt moments into the routine and the coach carps, "He wasn't even swimming. He's like a buoy." But less buoyant.

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