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James & Abba finish another attempt, or possibly the same attempt we left them in the middle of a moment ago. The coach is either on the fence about them or possessed of a good sense of drama (which I suppose you need if you're going to coach synchronized swimming), so she waits a good long time before giving them the thumbs-up and their clue. Upon opening it, James turns to the swimmers hanging from the edge of the pool and announces in his best radio voice (which, as I've noticed, is pretty good), "Girls, we're going to the Tree of Love. Who's going to join us?" The dancers, as the saying goes, laugh.

Natalie finally undoes the last lock with a groan of "Bloody hell, finally." They're all mock-crabby with each other, but now that they have their clue in third place it starts being funny again as Nadiya has Natalie hang a lock back up on the tree to commemorate the visit of an incompetent Sri Lankan. In a post-leg interview, Nadiya assures us, "We get really upset at each other but we just bounce back. We fight like a married couple, we make up like little kids, so it's a perfect relationship." Natalie, with a frozen smile: "...Yeah..."

The two trailing teams get to the pool. Abbie, with her dance background, isn't too concerned about learning the routine. Brent, however, is already in way over his head, if you'll pardon the expression. But Ryan says, "When you jump into a cold pool and a synchronized swim team from Russia is 25 yards away, you tend to perk up. It just clicked for me." With his girlfriend sitting right there, he says this. Meanwhile, Josh & Brent are already getting tired. So much for running the leg together, right?

Natalie and Nadiya arrive at the mat in their hooded jackets and shorts, and smile sheepishly as Phil tells them they're team number three. They're not at all happy with how they did today. "Despite the position we feel like we did really crappy," Nadiya interviews. But they still have the Express Pass, which they hope to use to get into first place the next leg. The greeter tells them, "Do svidaniya. (Goodbye.)" That one I knew already.

James & Abba get to the Trees of Love and Abba takes this one. As he gets to work, he tells James, "You don't want that cab driving away with our stuff. You may want to release him because we're going to be here for a while." Gosh, why bother to show such a mundane moment? Well, because then they're soon both looking for the cab out on the road. I know it seems like this is something James could handle on his own, but I think there's a rule that partners can't get more than a certain distance away from each other during the leg, unless of course a Roadblock requires one of them to, say, go jump out of an airplane or something. They point off to the limits of their camera's zoom lens as James says, "Yeah, that blue car in the middle, that's probably him." Abba understandably doesn't like the sound of "probably," so they're going to have to walk up the road together to check it out. As they hike along, James explains that they left the cab on the side of the road somewhere behind them, "got caught up in the challenge" (which probably means they disappeared for a quarter of an hour or more) and are now worried that he left with their stuff. And soon they get close enough to realize the blue car isn't the one they came in. "We just lost all of our stuff," Abba says. Well, maybe Natalie will find it for you again. Only this time they'll know what happened when they see Trey and one of the twins each carrying an extra backpack.

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