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Trey has finished unlacing the ribbon. He now pulls a red ribbon from inside the yellow one, extracts a small, silver cylinder and pops it open to find the tightly rolled and folded bill inside. As soon as they can see the picture on it, Phil VOs, "Teams must now figure out that the picture on the back of the ruble is their next destination: the Bolshoi Theater." And there it is, big as life, in all its Greek-columned glory. "This opulent nineteenth-century theater is now the Pit Stop for this leg of the race," Phil says from out in front amid the several fountains. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated." Yes, they may, if we ever find out who it is.

Lexi starts chanting for a taxi as Jaymes observes, "They figured it out." And indeed team Austin is soon in a taxi and on their way to what's looking like their second victory in a row.

The twins show up in third place and Natalie gets to work. Jaymes notices a young woman in a hot-pink mini-dress walking by and asks her which club she's going to. "That's a nice girl," he mumbles through a mouthful of Granola bar. "Club gear at three o'clock in the afternoon." But she also has a blurry face, so maybe that's why she doesn't have a job to go to instead. James opens his seventh lock, meanwhile, and Natalie gets her first.

At the pool, James and Abba take a shot at the swimming routine. Abba makes the coach laugh by belly-flopping in, making the coach laugh, and James does his backflip something like three beats early, earning a buzzer. That was a disgrace to bass players everywhere. We're part of the rhythm section, after all.

Trey and Lexi make it to the mat without apparent incident. Phil's standing there next to an accordionist who finishes up whatever he's playing with a big flourish before telling them, "Zdravtujitye (Hello.)" and welcoming them to Moscow, Russia. Phil is pleased -- though not in much of a hurry -- to tell them that they're team number... one. They're ecstatic even before Phil tells them all about the trip to Maui they've just won. "It'll be kind of romantic," he adds, which he never said to James & Abba. Phil asks them to rate how in love they are on a scale of one to ten and Lexi puts it at a thousand while Trey wisely keeps quiet. It would have been fun to hear them simultaneously blurt out two different numbers though, especially if Trey had said, like, seven. He interviews that they now know how strong of a team they are, and are ready to win the million. The accordionist plays them a little jig to which they happily dance. Sorry it's not the Wedding March, Lexi.

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