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James & Abba arrive by taxi at a sports complex, but not the right one. As they leave it to find the correct place, Abba says, "Well, this was not a good day." Yeah, aren't they just having the worst time? Meanwhile, in Warsaw...

Seriously, meanwhile, IN WARSAW, Ryan says that they have an issue, using the tone of voice that people usually employ when they are about to suggest cannibalism. "And the issue is what to do when it's just the two of us and we're so far behind everyone else?" How is that an issue? I'd think the solution would be obvious: they'll land in Moscow, where Abbie & Ryan will smoke the shit out of the goat farmers and get on with their lives. I'm not thrilled about it, but gravity isn't always my favorite thing either. However, Josh says he'd rather just get there and race together and Ryan says he and Abbie agree. So they form a pact to run the rest of the leg as a single team. Wait, what? So how's that going to work at the mat? "It's always better in the race to stay with another team for comfort," interviews Ryan, who just yesterday bitched about two other teams doing exactly that. As for which of them gets Philiminated, I guess they'll figure that out in Moscow, where they are finally, at long last, bound, now that their plane is finally taking off. I guess for them it's become The Amazing Slog To Inevitable Defeat.

At the Trees of Love, Lexi is kind of singing a bored cheer to Trey while he works on the locks. When the Chippendales show up, James agrees to do this one. Trey opens his first lock and then his second while James gets started. And that's what's happening at the Luzhkov Most. Back at the pool, the twins finish another attempt, lagging a bit on the last flip and their final pop up out of the water. The coach looks thoughtful, but eventually gives them the thumbs-up and sends them on their way to the Trees of Love. A lot of this task seems up to the coach's judgment. And, significantly, her mood.

James has his first lock open. "Hey, I like that sound. That's a pretty sound," Jaymes says approvingly. But Trey's got five locks done, according to the number displayed in the little lock-shaped icon in the corner of the screen. And he seems to be figuring out a system, as he quickly gets the sixth as well. Clearly he's motivated to finish this task quickly before Lexi brings up marriage again.

James & Abba present themselves to the swimming instructors, looking ridiculous enough in their Speedos, swim caps and slack middle-aged physiques to merit a record-scratch on the soundtrack. "I'm already afraid," the coach mutters into the camera. Heh.

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