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Instead of the usual shots of landmarks and historic buildings, footage of a belly dancer welcomes us back to Istanbul. Can't see those anywhere else in the world. Phil's voice once again reminds us that the city is built around the famous Bosporus strait that divides Europe and Asia, on the shore of which is the 446-foot yacht Savarona. Phil actually got to board it for this sequence, standing very near the bow like the Prime Minister of the World as he tells us that it's the start of the seventh leg. Of the six teams remaining, Trey & Lexi won the previous leg and thus are the first to depart for this one at 12:35 PM. That's an alarmingly civilized hour, if you ask me. The first clue is sending them to Moscow, which Phil reminds us is the capital of the largest county in the world, Russia. There, they'll have to find their way to Zurab Tsereteli Sculpture Park to find their next clue. As we see Team Austin go in search of a cab to the airport, Trey explains that they've been dating for three years, but between one thing and another, haven't actually gotten to spend much time together until the race. Lexi says this is just what they needed for their relationship. "Hopefully there'll be a ring on my finger soon, but that's his call," she laughs desperately. Trey: "Easy." No, Trey, she's not. That's why she wants a ring.

Abbie & Ryan start their leg at 12:56 and learn that they're getting $420 for this leg of the race. Sounds like a lot of long cab rides coming up. Before they leave the mat, Ryan interviews that Natalie and Nadiya have been riding Trey & Lexi's coattails, as though there's such a thing. If anything, it's more the other way around. Abbie agrees, but Ryan insists that just makes him more motivated. Well, that and the fact that they're still in the running for the two million dollars. I was really hoping they'd be gone by now, if only for that reason (which, I hasten to assure you, is not the only reason). I do like Ryan's big talk about how these circumstances make him feel more motivated. As if there are any circumstances under which he would ever feel less motivated (spoiler!).

James & Abba open their clue at 1:03 PM. "Sweet! Money!" Abba sings. Yes, now don't lose it this time. In their pre-leg interview, Abba says that even though they're at less than 100 percent, people are continuing to underestimate them. He goes on that all their problems just prove that "nothing's going to stop us." Fate hears that and boldly responds, "I accept your challenge!"

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