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"Iquique, Chile is known as the City of Eternal Sunshine," Phil narrates, apparently unaware of all the haze and Independence Day-style clouds dominating the b-roll shots of the city. I wonder what spotless mind shot that. "Located on the edge of the Atacama Desert and the Pacific Ocean," Phil adds, "this urban oasis is renowned for its beautiful neoclassical buildings, including Teatro Municipal De Iquique." Oh, now he's bringing the Spanish name for last week's Pit Stop. He's standing outside it as he says, "This is now the start of the second leg in a race around the world."

Because Tim and Marie won the previous leg, they're also the first to start this one. The bad news for them is that they have to do it at 2:52 AM. The first clue tells them to get to the deck of the Museo Corbeto Esmeralda. That's actually an old sailing ship (or replica thereof) docked in the harbor, and the clue adds that the Officer of the Day there will post their next clue. In other words, everyone will effectively be starting the leg at the same time in the morning anyway. In their pre-leg interview, Marie says that everyone thought they would self-destruct right away because they can't stop bickering (and here's a flashback of it happening from last week, before they even got to LAX). As we see them getting directions from some passerby who's just wandering the streets of northern Chile at three in the morning, as you do, Tim adds that they still have both Express Passes and they can always use one of them to dangle in front of other teams to try to extract favors from them. Hard to imagine how that could backfire.

Nicole and Travis, the ER docs, are leaving in second place at 3:02 AM. They probably would have been in first place had they not ignored the part of their clue that told them to make their way on foot to the Pit Stop, but Nicole says that the opportunity for both Express Passes is gone, so it's time to move on. In other words, they both know it's her fault.

Rowan and Shane a.k.a. Team Bingo learn at 3:08 AM that their allowance for this leg is $589. An amount that large can only mean lots of ground transportation, so it looks like they'll be staying in Chile or at least in South America They interview that they're "blue collar actors," which Rowan defines as, "You won't see us on the red carpet. You might see us laying it, though." And that's about all they're going to lay. Meanwhile, Tim & Marie get to the ship and find, believe it or not, a fancy calligraphied sign informing them that the museum opens at 7:15 AM. By which time everyone is sure to be there, for a full ten-team bunch. And they know it, too.

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