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Dave drives into a tunnel, as he realizes out loud that this will make them circle back to where they just were. Rachel mildly says that's why they should follow directions. Dave snaps, "Do you want to be supportive or do you want to continue to be the way you've been this whole leg?" Because Dave's not being argumentative at all! Other Rachel says she'll be supportive when he follows the directions from people who live there. Not to mention people who visit all the homes of all the little Turinese boys and girls every year. But I see the issue here. It's not just that they're used to being apart. She's been running her life on her own for however long and he's used to an environment where he follows orders, and other people follow his. Now he comes home expecting to still be treated like a major, and when he isn't he acts like a major dickhead. The worst part, the really unforgivable part of Other Rachel's conduct today, is that she's right. "Just kill it, right now," he snaps, because it's not like he has an actual argument. Sure enough, they soon find themselves again passing the Santas whose directions Dave ignored. Rachel repeats her earlier point and Dave says he'll "keep my mouth shut before I say something I regret." No, we certainly wouldn't want that.

Brendon and Rachel are realizing they've been left behind, which makes Brendon think "they know something we don't." Nope, everyone had the same information. It's just that the other teams aren't all idiots. Brendon says he doesn't want to fight any more, so does she want to continue racing or quit right now? Brendon's Annoying Habit #2, right there. Quite correctly, Rachel asks why she would do that and accuses Brendon of saying that about everything (which is why it's number two on the list). "You're gonna say that about your PhD," she digs, which may or may not be true, but isn't really relevant as long as these two keep going on CBS reality shows for a living. She says they've hit a brick wall on the whole experience. "And our marriage," Rachel adds. Brendon asks if she really things that. Of course she does. "Maybe you shouldn't yell at me. And be mean to me." These two are like a couple of kindergartners who don't know any other method of conflict resolution other than escalating, so every dispute about whose turn it is to push the other on the swings ends with "I'm not going to be your friend any more!" Except the kindergartners eventually grow out of it.

Back from the ads, Rachel and Brendon are back to trying to figure out what to do race-wise, now that they've established that their relationship is in its usual status (i.e., the shitter). Brendon, thinking out loud, speculates that maybe everyone went to the building shown on the coin. "Maybe go to that building and stop embarrassing ourselves," Rachel says, like the second thing is even possible. Back in the car, Brendon asks her for input on how the thinks they ought to get there, and she pouts, "I don't know where the center is, Brendon. I don't live in Italy. Obviously." You know, like Brendon does. How could anyone ever lose their temper with such a charmer? Brendon pulls out, internally resolving to figure it out on his own. I'm certainly in favor of any strategy that leads to them talking to each other less.

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