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Back at the atrium, Stacy -- who, you recall, has a fear of heights -- is about to do the rappelling Roadblock. Down below, Kerri is regretting not doing this. But she watches from below as Stacy swings and gets the clue on the first try. As they get back in their car, Kerri asks her, "Are you trying to, like, cancel out your fear of heights by doing the heights one?" Stacy: "Uh-huh." I'm starting to think that if this team were Stacy and Stacy it would be doing a lot better.

Bopper and Mark are now reduced to asking for directions to the Lingotto building. Good thing they have the clue to show people, because they have no idea how to pronounce it. "They don't speak no English neither, my brother," Mark says. Much like themselves.

Rachel is the first to find the 1916 Tin Lizzie with the little ring boxes inside. Theirs turns out to contain a small copper coin that looks like a penny. It's actually a two-cent Euro, with one side showing a domed spire called the Mole Antonelliana, which, by a convenient coincidence, is right here in town. Phil tells us that teams will need to go there, ride the elevator to the tippy-top and find their next clue. Rachel and Brendon are baffled by this and Brendon speculates that they need to put the coin in a slot somewhere to buy their next clue, like it's going to come out of a vending machine. Cue Brendon in an interview, running down his degrees: "I have my BS in general physics, my master's in applied physics and I'm doing my PhD in biomedical physics." So he still hasn't figured out that every time he does that it just makes him seem stupider. But clearly the Amazing Editors have. Brendon and Rachel move on and then Joey "Fitness" and Danny find the car and grab a clue, then make themselves scarce before Other Rachel and Dave spot them. Vanessa and Ralph are the next team to grab a clue from the car. "That's gotta be where we're going," Ralph says, in an excellent demonstration of not overthinking. Nary and Jamie get their ring boxes, and Rachel tells Brendon to check the year of issue. It's 2011, which tells them nothing, but then it's not actually possible to tell Brendon and Rachel anything.

Other Rachel is outside, asking one of the many local Santas on the sidewalk for directions to the building on her coin. He points her to the center of the city. Team Jersey are getting the same info. But when Other Rachel gets in the car with Dave and he pulls out, she protests that the Santas told her to go a different way. "Baby, as soon as I drive, it's logged in my mind," he condescends to her. Inside, Brendon and Rachel are realizing that despite being the first team at the museum, they appear to have been the last to leave (at least out of those teams who have gotten to the museum.

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