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Meanwhile, Joey "Fitness" and Danny are putting on a much more effective (and sponsor-friendly) demonstration of the feature, which I'm sure is a lot more like what Ford had in mind when they paid for this. That done, Team Jersey heads inside and to the upper floor seeing that the first floor seems to be filled with nothing but newer cars. Outside by the curb, Brendon and Rachel argue all the way through the parallel parking even though the car's doing it for them, and as soon as it's done, Rachel gets out and slams the door, saying she hates him. That makes all of us. He chases after her all the way to the front of the museum while she yells at him. "This isn't even worth a million dollars!" So Brendon goes to his standard fallback position of offering to quit right now, because Rachel's two choices are always to never be mad at Brendon or just pitch it all. Rachel calls his bluff, which he was so not prepared for. Shit, I was prepared for that, but he's not about to actually give up on the race over something as trivial as her getting mad at him for losing his shit at her. So all he can do is lamely say, "Stop yelling?" Welcome to the preview for their honeymoon, everyone.

Art crashes the helicopter again, to JJ's obvious frustration. Not that they are ever subtle about their frustration at everything. "You think you can do it in the next thirty minutes?" JJ asks. "Eventually," Art says, which isn't exactly an answer.

Down in the atrium, Vanessa and Jamie are taking another crack at it, this time using Other Rachel's swinging technique to snag the clues and successfully. Nary lands first, so she and Jamie are in fourth place while Ralph and Vanessa end up in fifth. While getting helped out of her climbing gear, Vanessa says, "Oh that was my face. You know how much that nose cost?" Wah wah wah.

Up in the dome, JJ is now squatting so the much shorter Art doesn't have to get as much altitude with the helicopter and after getting JJ to straighten his head some more to create a level landing surface, Art finally makes a safe touchdown. Thus they've won the Fast Forward and a ticket straight to the Pit Stop, which is Piazza Castello. They leave just as Kerri and Stacy are arriving at the building. And Bopper and Mark are still searching the streets of Turin for what they're calling "the Guido building."

At the museum, Joey "Fitness" and Danny are searching for the Model T while Brendon and Rachel are still arguing, but at least they're inside the building now. Other Rachel and Dave are pulling up outside and Dave notices a crowd of Santa Clauses congregating near a bus in the street as they pass. "Oh, is that the Santa Claus pub crawl?" Vanessa asks, like that's a thing. Nary and Jamie also notice the Santas. What's the collective noun for a group of Santas, anyway? A sleigh? A lap? A furry? Vanessa makes a quip comparing the auto-parking to Knight Rider and Nary and Jamie also get themselves parked.

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