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Other Rachel and Dave must have had a little trouble getting to the Lingotto building, because they're just now arriving in sixth place. Dave dismisses the very idea of the Fast Forward out of hand and nominates Rachel to take the Roadblock. But while they're heading inside, Dave points out that the Fast Forward means landing a helicopter, so it might be worth trying, "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard," Rachel snaps. Dave argues, "Fast Forward is land a helicopter on a helipad. Hm. Being a helicopter pilot I could potentially be successful at that." Even when he's being sarcastic he's oddly formal in his speech patterns. It must be off-putting around the house. Other Rachel asks Dave where Art and JJ are (we see them now, still trying) and whether Dave's ever flown an RC helicopter before. She gleefully mocks Dave for thinking regular Amazing Racers might get to fly a real helicopter. Dave says it might just be some simpler version of that, "But if you want to continue to act as you are I'll meet you down there." So there.

Vanessa and Jamie go over the rail, but Vanessa is just inching down the rope, to the frustration of Ralph as he watches from below. She's only got two minutes, remember, and she's soon burned up half of it. With only a minute left, she's flailing around trying to grab the rope that the clue is hanging from and as Jamie draws level with her, they're both at a loss as to what to do next. Dave is waiting down below talking about the frustration of a "marital personality conflict." "I hope she changes her demeanor. Otherwise this'll be an extremely long leg if not race." He sounds like a Dr. Phil episode being taped in the cockpit of Delta Flight 324. Other Rachel appears to be in a good mood up top, although she's seeing Vanessa and Jamie struggling below her. Indeed, they run out the clock. As Other Rachel goes down, she kicks off against the wall to start swinging, so as to avoid the mistake made by Vanessa and Jamie. That swing helps her reach the clue on the first try while Vanessa and Jamie are heading back up for a second try. Hopefully Other Rachel's success will help Dave change his demeanor.

Brendon and Rachel are pulling up to the museum, which has plenty of parking spots on the street out front. But not too many. In fact, it kind of looks like some hapless production assistant had to spend the morning making sure the curb was lined with cars with empty car-lengths between them. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that parking isn't even normally allowed there. Rachel tries to read the auto-park instructions to Brendon while he tries to park, and out of nowhere he screams, "OKAY, DAMMIT, JUST -- GRRRRR!" Rachel yells at him not to talk to her like that, as if it's news that boyfriend has some anger issues. So look how the Ford Focus can help relieve one of the biggest causes of relationship stress -- parallel parking! Thanks, Ford Focus!

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