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Art and JJ proceed to the interior of the glass dome at the top of the building to do the Fast Forward. They think they're going to be landing an actual helicopter, so when they walk in and see the mini-choppers, controllers, and helmets with a model of the building on them, they react with predictable disgust and horror. They do seem to enjoy the race, aside from most of the actual tasks. And thus doing something that allows them to skip several is perfect for them. JJ dons the helmet and Art launches the helicopter while "Ride of the Valkyries" plays on the soundtrack, because it's a helicopter scene after all. "That's all you, you freaking monkey," JJ says. Art starts the task by crashing the helicopter into JJ's visor, just like a freaking monkey would.

Down in the atrium, Rachel's getting geared up for the Roadblock while Brendon runs down to wait for her on the ground floor. "I've rappelled before and it's really fun," she says. She's certainly been repelling me since 2010. Danny's looking forward to his first time. They both go over the railing and she's clearly having more fun than he is, as he seems to want to talk about his wedgie. Rachel snags the clue first and zooms on down, so she and Brendon are in first place -- but Danny and his wedgie are right behind. The clue they just retrieved is sending them to "Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile," which is one of those place names that Phil enunciates with maximum relish. They'll have to parallel park on the street by using (read: advertising) their product-placed car's auto-parking feature, then run inside the car museum and look for the 1916 Tin Lizzie, a Model T that's "A distant relative of the car they've been driving this leg." Which, presumably, did not have auto-parking capability. On the front seat of the old Ford is a collection of red-and-yellow ring boxes, like Ronald McDonald plans to propose to eight or nine women tonight. The two lead teams are off to the museum, while Joey "Fitness" says it may take the Border Patrol agents a while to finish the Fast Forward. JJ is indeed doing a slow burn inside his helmet while Art fails another attempt. And Kerri and Stacy are just lost in Turin, still looking for the Lingotto building. Sure, they're good at tasks (or at least Stacy is), but they need to get better at getting to tasks. Especially because Bopper and Mark have already landed in Turin. While Mark drives, they compare notes on how much Italian they know, which -- since Mark only knows the word "Italy" -- isn't much.

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