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Italy looks lovely, of course, but even a fleet of shiny new Foci with their headlights on can't make short-term parking at the Turin airport seem glamorous. Soon, everyone is driving around the streets lost. Brendon cuts off several lanes of traffic trying to make a turn, and Rachel says, "Now I know why Italians hate Americans. We're idiots." Rachel's occasional flashes of self-awareness are probably her least annoying habit. Ralph is stymied by the traffic, with trains on the roads and the hairball intersections and Danny says he used to date an untrustworthy Italian girl, so they shouldn't trust any of the locals when it comes to directions. Before this can spark in international incident, Joey "Fitness" points out that he trusts his Italian girlfriend and Danny accepts that. CBS Cares. Nary and Jamie just comment on how pretty it all is. While driving, Other Rachel asks Dave for directions while he's in the back seat, but he can't see with her visor down and she can't see with it up. "We'll go with Dave's way," Rachel says, and Dave snaps at her not to be a wiseass. He's so pissy with her that she screeches to a halt in a parking lot and tells him to drive. "Wow, you are testy today," she observes once she's safely in the backseat. That does seem to be the case. Meanwhile, Kerri's having trouble just getting her and Stacy's car out of the damn garage (manual transmission woes again, looks like) and they switch places too, having lost track of everyone else ahead of them. I can't tell you how disappointed I am that this means they probably don't drive that tractor we saw in their introductory clip.

Art and JJ are the first team to reach the Lingotto building. Looking up at the multi-story building, JJ says, "Gonna be a fire climb," whatever that means. Brendon and Rachel are right behind them, and the inside of the place turns out to be a six-story atrium surrounded by a spiral ramp, like an oval Guggenheim Museum. It's also completely empty, so I have no idea what this building is normally used for or what its purpose was when it was erected during the Italian Renaissance. Team Jersey is also arriving and as Ralph and Vanessa pull up next to them, Ralph jovially calls out his car window, "Give us a five-minute head start up the hill. I've got this one," as he jabs a thumb toward Vanessa in the back seat. "You're a dick," retorts "this one," smiling. "You're doing wonderful, angel," he assures her as they're getting out of the car. Nary and Jamie also arrive, and soon everyone here is looping up the ramp on foot, with Art and JJ in the lead near the top. They're the first to find the clue box up on the roof with the disk-shaped helipad looming over them in the background and discover that there's a Fast Forward. From that same roof, Phil reminds us that the FF allows a team to skip everything and go straight to the Pit Stop. He then exaggerates, "This Fast Forward requires teams to land a helicopter on a building." Isn't that dangerous? To, like, the entire city, considering some of the people involved? But no, it's just a small radio-controlled helicopter and the "building" a racer has to land it on is a model of this very structure that's affixed to a motorcycle helmet that their partner will have to wear on their head. Not knowing this last part yet, Art and JJ head right to that, so Brendon and Rachel realize that's not going to work for them. So now Phil explains the Roadblock, in which teams will have to rappel 120 feet down the middle of that spiral atrium. On the way down, they'll have to grab a clue that's suspended from another rope and then meet their partner at the bottom. The catch is that they have two minutes to reach the clue, or else they have to run up and start again. Not much of a catch, but it'll be enough for some racers.

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