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Vanessa and Ralph are the eighth and last team to leave the Pit Stop, at 12:15 AM. That's seven hours behind the first-place team, two hours after another team that suffered a two-hour penalty and an hour and a half behind the team immediately ahead of them. And yet they beat the twins by seconds in the previous leg. The leg they ran yesterday must have been brutal. Indeed, Ralph says that leg was "kind of the worst day of our lives." And that's coming from people who have been through divorces.

At the travel agency, Kerri and Stacy are getting on the same flight as everyone else, but when Ralph and Vanessa arrive they're told that it's full. While their aged agent (the same one who helped Team Big Brother earlier) double-checks, the divorcees kill a few moments by looking across the room at Brendon and Rachel, the latter of whom is sporting a spangly green miniskirt over her pants tonight. "I get distracted by sparkly things," Vanessa says cattily. "Holy disco ball, Batman." Hey, at least this way you won't be able to see her entire ass. Bopper and Mark, coming back from the airport, find themselves at a different travel agency. So unbeknownst to them, they're in a race with Ralph and Vanessa to get the last set of seats on the 9:15 flight tomorrow, a race that Team Kentucky loses. But all they know right now is that they'll be arriving in Turin at 11:50 AM. Bopper's all excited again, so now they head back to the airport.

The next morning, Bopper and Mark tell us that they're a lot calmer now that everyone's all back together at the airport. Or as calm as Bopper gets. But while teams are comparing seats, Joey "Fitness" looks at their boarding passes and discovers that Team Kentucky is leaving at 10:30, whereas everyone else is leaving at 9:15. After some prompting from the other teams, the confused Kentuckians head over to the Alitalia counter to try to get standby seats on the 9:15 flight, which is of course full and has been since Ralph and Vanessa nabbed the last seats the night before. Bopper and Mark then hurry back to the gate, where the other teams are already boarding. "Mamma mia," Danny says as they get on the plane. The jetway door is closed and Bopper and Mark learn that everybody showed up, so there are no seats for them. Thus the plane pushes away from the jetway and takes off, with the other seven teams inside it and Bopper and Mark emphatically not. "Just have to hope and pray that the good Lord sees fit for us, buddy," Bopper says philosophically as they sit alone at the gate. That's always worked before. We come back after the ads to se them still waiting, but eventually they board their later plane vowing to "Run 'er hard and think deeply." Or the other way around.

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