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Joey "Fitness" and Danny are starting out the leg at 10:00 PM. Danny's glad to be leaving Paraguay, not knowing much about it other than that there are hot women there. But of course there are hot women in Italy, too, as he and Joey "Fitness" discuss in their cab. "I'm not picky," Danny says. Which is good, because his dates can't be either.

Bopper and Mark are starting the leg at 10:08, and Bopper's very excited about heading to Italy. "We is going somewhere tropiCALL!" he blares, as though they haven't been in South America for a week or more. Just as I'm getting into my customary state of annoyance with Bopper, he solo-interviews that his seven-year-old daughter is on seven different respiratory medications and thus for Bopper, the race is "the best opportunity I've ever had in my life to really better my child's health." Great, now I have to root for them.

Nary and Jamie, the federal agents who are racing undercover as teachers, leave at 10:09, and they pass Bopper and Mark's cab on the way to getting one of their own. "See y'all at the airport!" Mark calls out, but Team Undercover knows they have to go to the travel agency instead. Mark and Bopper seem to be too busy ogling some local hotties to actually read their clue. They will pay for this, not only when they get home and their wives see this, but later in the leg.

Other Rachel and Dave are leaving the Pit Stop at 10:10 PM, after their historic previous leg where they didn't complete a single task. Kerri and Stacy start out at 10:45 PM with some high-pitched squeals.

Brendon and Rachel arrive at a travel office, where Brendon boldly pulls up a chair so he can sit next to the travel agent and co-pilot her computer, I guess. They learn about the same flight the Border Patrol agents will be taking, the one that lands in Turin at 10:35 AM two days hence. Team Jersey, Team Undercover, and Other Rachel and Dave arrive at the agency shortly thereafter and there's some discussion that Team Kentucky went ahead to the airport and thus might not get as good a flight. We then see that hapless team arriving at the airport, crowing about going to Italy, and finding the Border Patrol agents hanging at the food court. Art and JJ tell Bopper and Mark they need to go back to the travel agency, which Team Kentucky thought would be there at the airport. Probably as a result of the country-boy naïveté they're always congratulating themselves for. They head out, while Art and JJ sympathize. "They're both great guys," Art interviews. "I'm sure if they probably found themselves in a situation where they were able to reciprocate they probably would." Reciprocate what -- giving them the tip of sending them back to town to find a travel agent, which they would have figured out eventually on their own? I suppose that saved them some time. But as we'll see later that what Art is talking about right now probably isn't the minor favor they just did, but a major one coming up at the end of the leg. I'm not giving anything away, either. That would be Art and JJ.

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