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Kerri and Stacy get their clue from the stop of the spire and decide to do the salami task. Meanwhile, at the museum, Bopper and Mark are happy to finally find the clue in the Model T. Across town at the statue yard, the sun is going down as teams continue washing. Other Rachel and Dave are the first team to finish, and their statue looks shiny and white and as brand-new as it no doubt is. They get their clue, currently in second place, which is sending them to the Pit Stop. We're reminded that this is the Piazza Castello. "The last team to check in here," Phil warns from the middle for the busy square, "May be eliminated." Vanessa, Ralph, Nary, and Jamie seem sorry to see Other Rachel and Dave go. They were so much fun to be around.

Brendon and Rachel make another trip back to the salami stand. "They're starting to all look the same," Rachel says, which is probably something she finds herself saying in her job as an "event hostess" all the time. She interviews that there were six that were really similar. They guess wrong again, so they're going back.

The double-entendres are flying at the statue yard. "We're double-teaming this girl," Joey "Fitness" says. "I think we're done polishing the head," Vanessa says, adding that it was kind of unsatisfying. Jamie says they're prepping their statue for a toga party. Before this can get too R-rated, Joey "Fitness" and Danny get a check and are done in third place, with Vanessa and Ralph finishing in fourth. Nary and Jamie: still there.

Other Rachel and Dave arrive at the mat in second place and seem pretty happy about it. But afterwards, Dave interviews, "This leg was a complete and utter failure from my vantage point. Our communication was lacking and Rachel and I can only improve from this point forward." Which is odd, because that's almost exactly what he said last week.

Kerri and Stacy head into the salami shop and tell the guys behind the counter, "We need to taste your salami." Awkward smiles all around. They're still there when Brendon and Rachel return for yet another attempt. Team Big Brother still needs Toscano, Barolo, Mandola, and Felino. Rachel suggests going back and continuing to guess, until they get it right, but on their way out of the store, she commences one of her spontaneous trademark freak-outs and bitches that she can't do it any more. Soon he's leading her by the hand while she has yet another meltdown, stepping off the curb and getting honked at. "I might purposely jump in font of a car," she drama-queens. You don't want one of these little Euro jobs, then, you want a lorry or something. Back at the salami stand, she's about three tastes in before she's crying again, saying, "Amazing Race is supposed to be fun and good. I'm not on Big Brother again." No, if she were on Big Brother she'd be eating something else with the salami that also starts with S. Brendon says they're done then. "We're out of The Amazing Race." Yay! Best news yet!

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