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Team Jersey, Other Rachel and Dave, and Team Undercover are driving around in search of the statue yard with no idea where they're going. The same goes for Vanessa and Ralph, but Vanessa points out that the salami task is on a street they were just on.

Team Big Brother finds the salami shop, where they sample some 'Nduja and some Cotto and display their ignorance of salami. But it was still probably worth taking this option so they didn't have to drive anywhere else together.

At the car museum, Kerri and Stacy have apparently been searching fro a while before they find the Model T. They're still in seventh place. Bopper and Mark pull up outside and spot the team they charmingly refer to as the "Badonkydonk girls." They're spotted by them as well. Team Kentucky hurries into the museum, motivated to catch up to some badonkydonks.

Other Rachel and Dave reach the statue yard. Taking a look at the Tyvek suits they'll have to put on, Other Rachel says, "Woo, sexy time!" as they start suiting up. Vanessa and Ralph park outside (the old-fashioned way this time) as Other Rachel starts wielding the pressure washer. Dave tells her to use finesse, and indeed, with her first blast of the hose, Rachel almost knocks the head clean off the statue (which, to be fair, is just resting precariously on the neck for some reason). Dave takes the wand away from her and starts going up and down the full length of it. "I almost shot her head off!" Other Rachel laughs. Yeah, she's the one in the bad mood. Vanessa and Ralph are ready to get started as Team Jersey arrives outside, but then Ralph does knock the head off his. "You are too strong," the shop owner kids him. Vanessa picks the head up out of the mud and starts scrubbing. Joey "Fitness" and Danny are at work, making gross comments about dirty girls. Other Rachel and Dave do some washing and bickering and Other Rachel tells Dave that bitching is his favorite thing in the world to do. Nary beheads her statue immediately. "Yep. Yeah, that happens," Vanessa calls over knowingly. The shop owner teases, "It's very old statue!" That's funny, but I bet that to his coworkers, it's very old joke.

Having sampled all the salami, Brendon and Rachel head out of the shop to the piazza a half mile away where they're supposed to identify them again by flavor. After finding the salami stand staffed by two women, they get the first couple right. Those are the most distinctive ones in terms of color, but soon they get one wrong and have to go back to the salami shop. Maybe these salamis would be more distinctive if Brendon had a cell phone to take pictures of them.

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