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Other Rachel and Dave have stopped bickering long enough to enjoy the elevator ride up. "This race truly does present some amazing opportunities," Dave nerds. But then he's back at it again as soon as they find the clue and Other Rachel doesn't get it open fast enough for Dave. They're also choosing to do the statues. As Dave puts it, "We deferred on the salami because that was just too much meat for us to handle." Nary and Jamie drive up to the building and get out squeeing, and when Ralph and Vanessa arrive, he shows off the parking feature again just for good measure. "You are such a damn weirdo," Vanessa teases him, adding, "Are we in a race? I'm sorry, I was playing with my park assist!" Great message! Buy a Ford Focus! Be late for everything!

Nary and Jamie ride up into the dome and get a clue from the observation deck, and choose to do the statue. Brendon is driving Rachel and says he doesn't like giving up but he doesn't like fighting either (two things we've seen him do more of than anything else in the past two years). But he's not actually talking to her anymore -- he's talking to us, which raises it to a whole new level of creepy. He passive-aggressively tells the camera, "So if she decides that she doesn't want to be with me because of this experience then I guess that'd what's gonna happen." He seems real broken up about it too. But then, who could blame him? Rachel starts crying at this cold, cold shit he's serving up and says she "wanted to go on a trip around the world with my best friend. I thought it would be fun!" They park and she runs toward the building. She's both hurrying to the next clue and fleeing him dramatically. Might as well multitask.

Ralph and Vanessa open the Detour clue and want nothing to do with the salami task. "I haven't eaten that much salami since high school," Vanessa deadpans, cracking both of them up and also me. They encounter Rachel and Brendon as the latter team gets off the elevator and are happy that "the green team is behind us now." Rachel and Brendon remind us how much they hate "the ogre and the triflin' ho," whatever a "triflin' ho" is. "They're rude, they're disgusting people." Which Brendon can tell by how they don't like Brendon and Rachel. Dead giveaway every time. Back in their car, Vanessa says, "I bet the green team eats the salami." Funny the first time, Vanessa. But indeed, that's what Brendon and Rachel are doing. They get directions for the two-minute walk to the deli, but before proceeding Brendon asks if they can call a truce. "Let's just go," Rachel says. So that's a no, then.

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